‘Stupid Is As Stupid Does’: Republican Voters Gone Mad

Phil Jensen


that_stupid_fIn 2012, after four years of surreal actions by President Obama, it was a foregone conclusion that just about any Republican candidate would defeat him soundly in his run for a second term.  But the GOP, once again earning the title of The Stupid Party, managed to wrest defeat from certain victory by the GOP establishment’s choice of the competent but un-exciting Mitt Romney as their candidate.  Thus we got four more years of the blatantly America-hating socialist and professional troublemaker Obama.

This time around, the GOP establishment has been up to its same old tricks, backing establishment hack Jeb Bush until it finally became clear to them that Republican voters are so sick of their betrayals that they would not support him.  They’ve now funneled their substantial influence (endorsements by Republican officials and, most of all, the big money from lobbyists) to Marco Rubio, who has already sold his soul to the GOP powers-that-be, and who will do their bidding to keep the career politicos in the GOP in power, regardless of what happens to the nation.

But there’s a fly in the ointment, named Donald Trump, who has captured the imagination of the disgruntled Republican voters with brash talk and brags about what he will do as president.  It’s understandable that the initial response to Trump’s bluster was positive; after all, it’s certainly a refreshing change from the same old blather from the GOP establishment candidates (Dole, McCain, Bush, Christie, Rubio).  Even though Rubio has flourished with the GOP old guard’s backing (finishing second in South Carolina and Nevada), the Trump phenomenon continues to build steam.

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Never mind that the GOP establishment will never, ever “get it,” that they don’t give a damn about Republican voters’ distrust of them and their on-going deceit and betrayals; they’ll just keep plugging for one of their own in order to make sure they remain in their positions of power and prestige, even if another defeat is the result.  After all, that’s the nature of career politicians: their careers are far more important to them than the puny concerns of ordinary Americans, or the actual condition of the nation.

The real problem is now that the Republican voters have gotten a taste of the freedom from the dictates of the GOP establishment, they’ve become delirious, and are supporting a man who, by all rights, should be vying for the Democrat Party candidacy!  He’s a lifelong liberal in every sense of the word, with what Senator Ted Cruz called “New York values” influencing his every statement and policy position.

While the Republican Party has always had its “moderate” wing (read: liberal, but ashamed to admit it), it usually trends more to the right.  Which makes Trump’s popularity so astonishing, for his “conservatism” is merely a figment of the voters’ imagination: They see in Trump the candidate they wish they had to vote for, and ignore the reality.  Donald Trump is riding the populist bandwagon by saying what he knows the disgruntled Republican voters want to hear, and it’s working.

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Alas, it appears the American electorate will never learn the fundamental lesson of political campaigns: Don’t listen to what they SAY…look at what they DO!  Trump’s life has been on display for the public for the last four decades, so there’s no real guesswork to who and what he is.  He has consistently supported liberal causes and candidates (e.g., the Clintons, including Hillary in the 2008 primary; and voted for Obama twice).  This is the “Conservative savior”?!?

The Stupid Party’s establishment have kept their positions of power over the decades, apparently, because the ordinary Republican voters are just plain stupid.  If Republican voters want Trump as their president, then they deserve the ensuing victory by Hillary Clinton and eight more years of unfettered socialist dismantling of the Founding pillars of this nation.

The Democrats elected a man whose only job in life prior to political office was in keeping communities riled up and protesting, and taking advantage of government giveaway programs.  But he “can speak well,” so the Democrat voters (sick to death of Hillary, I’d imagine) handed him the presidency in 2008.  Still sick of Hillary, they’re now flocking to the avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders.

But the Republican voters are trying to trump that idiocy (sorry, but the pun is unavoidable) by supporting a narcissist and lifelong liberal who openly flaunts his deceit by crowing that he’s now a conservative, simply because idiot voters are responding to that claim.

Republican voters are compounding that gullibility by believing the media and GOP establishment assaults on the one true Constitutional Conservative in the race, Senator Ted Cruz, who won his Senate seat as an anti-GOP establishment Tea Party candidate, which riled the GOP elite, as did his against-the-Party stances on Obamacare, amnesty for illegal aliens, etc., and his calling his own party’s Majority Leader a liar on the Senate floor!  He is the candidate the Republican voters should be going crazy over, for he’s the only one who can actually defeat Hillary.  At long last, a Republican who can clearly articulate the conservative position to the average voter…yet the delirious mob wants Trump?!?

My favorite history professor in college was fond of saying, “In a democratic republic, the people get exactly the kind of government they deserve.”  Indeed.

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