Transgender Restroom Bill Discussed at Rapid City Crackerbarrel Meeting

South Dakota Rep. Scott Craig

South Dakota Rep. Scott Craig

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At the Rapid City Legislative Crackerbarrel meeting on Feb. 201, 2016, a transgender woman who has mutilated her body to appear masculine asked about HB 1008, a bill recently passed by the legislature and now being considered by the governor, which requires boys to use the body’s restroom/locker room and girls to use the girl’s restroom/locker room in schools. (Video below)

South Dakota Rep. Scott Craig responded, stating the bill was to protect the privacy of all individuals, including children who are confused about their sex. Craig discussed an individual he had counseled who experienced gender dysphoria, how that person found love and help from their church, and is now able to embrace the masculinity with which he was born and is living a healthy life. Craig said this man is now a psychologist who helps people overcome their gender dysphoria.

Craig said no person who is struggling with sexual confusion should be treated harshly or ignored, but that other children in school should not be adversely affected by politically correct policies and have their privacy infringed upon.

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He said that policies which require people to use the restroom/locker room of their biological sex are not trans-phobic. Because of the sexual nature of human beings, people naturally expect to be able to disrobe and perform private bodily functions only in the presence of their same sex.

Pointing to some of the politically correct extremes going on in our nation right now, Craig said that in California it is illegal to refer to boys as boys or girls as girls if these children are confused about their sex and claim they are something that they biologically, genetically and scientifically are not. This is sowing “gender confusion” among other students as well.

These politically correct positions have made it a crime to try to help a person adjust to the reality of their sex, and such policies are serving to lock confused children into a lifestyle that has devastating health and societal consequences.

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Craig said that HB 1008 is an attempt to protect the physical privacy of all students.

A pro-homosexual legislator who has received endorsements and campaign funding from homosexual organizations, Senator Craig Tieszen, said this bill brings a lot of pain to certain people within our community. He said he looked for evidence that transgenders were causing problems in our community and found none. Tieszen said he looked for evidence that schools aren’t dealing with this issue, and found none.

Of course, Tieszen’s statements ignore the fact that this bill was intended to prevent the very type of problem we’re talking about, and with the homosexual/transgender agenda, it’s only a matter of time before they try pushing things here that are already being pushed in other, more liberal states.

Liberals like to have it both ways. They first want good people to do nothing, laying society defenseless before their attack. Then when they attack and good people try to do something, liberals claim “we can’t go backwards now” and “but we’re already…” and so forth.

It’s about time good people stopped being such naive idiots, and the passage of this bill by the legislature is a refreshing example of a group of lawmakers finally being awake enough to be proactive about dealing with the Left’s agenda. Now, if only our “Republican” governor will sign it…

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  • Daws7

    Push back with all your might against the wicked gender neutral ideology. This is child abuse - playing mind games with the innocence of our children. I can only imagine the law suits against the government in future generations once the abject failure and devastation of this social engineering concoction runs its course.
    Unfortunately the introduction of same sex “marriage” has helped their cause. Traditional values have to be challenged and eradicated in order to create a gender neutral society. Traditional marriage was an enormous impediment to their agenda because of the complementary nature of male and female unions in marriage. In one sense the homosexuals were used by gender activists, under the guise of “equality” to further their agenda.

    • HazumuOsaragi

      Don’t hold back — tell us how you really feel.

  • Thisoldspouse

    Most of these “trans-whatever” folks do a pretty pathetic job of hiding their true sex. The hands, bone structure, voice and natural mannerisms inevitably give them away. Of course I don’t want them in the incorrect restroom. Clothes are a pretty tissue-paper thin disguise for reality.

    If a sexually confused person does a good enough job of emulating the opposite sex that he can pass it off to everyone in public, then who’s going to know if he uses the women’s room (a kind of don’t ask, don’t “tell.)? What these stupid laws admit is that most canNOT pass as the opposite sex, and that we must be forced to recognize their poor disguise as authentic.

    • That covers it pretty well. In other words, pro-transgender laws seek to FORCE people to deny reality, even when it’s staring them in the face.