South Dakota Rep. Lynne DiSanto at Rapid City Legislative Crackerbarrel

South Dakota Rep. Lynne DiSanto

South Dakota Rep. Lynne DiSanto

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South Dakota Rep. Lynne DiSanto was one of the featured speakers at the Rapid City Legislative Crackerbarrel meeting today. DiSanto spoke about some of the bills she has sponsored.

One of those is SB 129 is a bill on suicide prevention for schools. It provides for extra training for teachers to help them identify suicidal ideations and prevent children from committing suicide.

Another bill she discussed was SB 130 which would require the state of South Dakota to analyze sexual assault kits within 90 days.  Currently, it can take up to six months to analyze rape kits.  She believes that if a person endures a sexual assault, then undergoes the evaluation to gather physical evidence of the crime, they should be able to see the results as soon as possible.

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DiSanto also discussed HB 1198 which deals with dyslexia.  She said some concerned parents brought this bill to her to help children who are dyslexic.  DiSanto said there is already some legislation on the books dealing with dyslexia, but the job isn’t getting done.

Finally, DiSanto discussed HB 1182, the education tax increase which was voted down this past week. DiSanto said right now is a tough time to be a fiscal conservative, with so much of our culture believing the answer to everything is more money.  She said 1182 is a $170 million tax increase, and in the last two years, our state has already passed over $200 million in tax increases. Meanwhile, overall our state is one of the lowest for incomes in all vocations.

DiSanto said her mother and grandmother were teachers, and she wants to do more for teachers, but she believes her word means something.  DiSanto said when she ran for office, she pledged to oppose new taxes. She claimed to be fiscally conservative then, and she means to continue to be fiscally conservative.

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DiSanto said some groups of people have attempted to bully her and other legislators by attempting to get them fired from their jobs, have made threats and used other methods of intimidation in the hopes legislators will kowtow to that. She said she believes we can get more money for teachers without raising new taxes.

She said people are tired of people who run for office saying one thing, only to do another once they get elected. She said she keeps a campaign mailer she sent out to remind her of what she said she would be. She said she will be running again, and wants people to know they will be getting what she said she would be.

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