Trump for President? Conservatives, Damn You for a Fool!

Donald Trump at the Citizens United Freedom Summit (Photo credit: Michael Vadon)

Donald Trump at the Citizens United Freedom Summit (Photo credit: Michael Vadon)

OK, let’s get something straight right off the bat: nobody in this nation is more disgusted with the Republican Party over the past two decades than I am.  It’s not just that when the Democrats are in control of the House or Senate, the supposed “opposition party” has offered almost no opposition, but that they more often than not actually go along with and support the liberal Democrat schemes (amnesty for illegal aliens, Obamacare, etc.).

Worse than that, however, is that after they say all the right things during campaigns and win back the majority in one house of Congress or the other, they then let the Democrats dictate what they do!  Case in point is the coming anti-climax over Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia’s replacement.  I’d bet a lot of money that there will be a vote, and that Obama’s nominee will be confirmed…by a Republican controlled Senate.

Imagine a Democrat-controlled Senate doing that for a Republican lame-duck president’s nominee.  Yeah…see what I mean?

Ted Cruz 2016


The 2014 mid-term elections saw the GOP reclaim control of both houses of Congress, yet the new GOP Speaker of the House immediately gave Obama and the Democrats everything they wanted in the omnibus budget bill, tacking on another TRILLION dollars or so to our already unsustainable national debt.  Why bother voting for Republicans if they’re just going to rubber-stamp everything the liberal Democrats want, for pete’s sake?!?

So, yes, I understand that long-time Republicans are disaffected, to say the least.  And I’ve long been a vehement opponent of career politicians, something the Founders never envisioned.

But let’s look at the last few times disgruntled and fed-up voters turned to perceived political “outsiders” – Jimmy Carter, once the worst president in our history…Bill Clinton, who along with the Bride of Frankenstein Hillary introduced “trailer park chic” to Washington, DC…and Barack Obama, who resolved the “Was Clinton worse than Carter?” debate by leaving both in the dust of that race.  Barack Obama, a man with no discernable abilities other than that of speaking well (when he has a teleprompter).  But he is a black man (well, partly), and that clearly trumped his horrific record as a Senator (when he bothered to show up and actually cast a vote on record), or his absolute lack of experience running anything other than a pre-riot gabfest to rile up the black communities of which he was an “organizer.”  White Americans of all political persuasions couldn’t wait to shed their white guilt by voting for him, along with 96% of black voters (note to Rev. Al: call anyone a ‘racist’ again and you should be punched in the mouth).

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So, how has that worked out for us?

He didn’t end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as he promised in the campaigns, yet he has gutted our military and national defense.  In just seven years he doubled our national debt, imposed government control over one-fifth of the nation’s economy with Obamacare.  (Ostensibly, it was for those eight to twelve million who didn’t have health insurance; instead of a program aimed at them, however, he changed everybody’s insurance, so now there are 29 million without insurance, and the rest of us pay higher premiums and get worse coverage.)

He has been the most racially divisive president, ever, culminating in the worst racial animosity since the 60s, as seen in Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD and elsewhere this past year.  If the Clintons introduced a trailer park morality to the White House, then the Obamas have introduced a poor black or ghetto sensibility (the vulgar term is “nigga rich”), spending billions on Hawaiian or European vacations on the taxpayers dime.

Faced with the possibility of four or eight more years of an America-hating socialist from the Democrat Party in the White House, and fed up with the deceit and betrayal of the GOP, independent and Republican Conservatives have now latched onto another “outsider,” Donald Trump, as the new savior-in-waiting.

Repeating the same behavior but expecting different results is one definition of insanity, and expecting Trump to be that savior is truly not rational.  Aside from his classless behavior, I beg you: just look at his easily discoverable public record!  He is, and has been for forty years, a modern liberal Democrat.  He is not Conservative on any issue, but has simply stepped into the void left by the spineless, amoral Republicans who have betrayed us on amnesty for illegals, gun control, Obamacare and a long list of other issues.  He’s telling you what you want to hear, and letting you project your hopes and fantasies onto him, as you did with Obama.

And it will turn out the same…or worse.

Trump’s longtime support for liberal causes and candidates is public record (he voted for Hillary in the primary, then voted for Obama twice!).  He’s not going to be different simply because you wish it to be so!  Please, before you make a disastrous decision, do the simple work (in today’s computer age) of finding out what that man really believes in and stands for, what he has done and will do again.  He doesn’t want to “make America great again.”  He wants to (a) stroke his own ego and (b) ensure the Democrats win.

Conservatives, if you go along with this farce, damn you for the fool you are, for you’ll be damning this nation to its final, inglorious end.

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