Left Pushes Back Against South Dakota Restroom Bill

Phil Jensen


restroomThe Student Physical Privacy Act (HB1008) passed in the Senate Tuesday afternoon with a vote of 20-15.  It now sits  on the desk of Governor Dennis Daugaard.  When it comes to physical privacy in Sou th Dakota’s schools, Governor Daugaard has the last and deciding decision.  It all rests on him and his pen.  Will he sign this fair and reasonable bill into law or will he decide to cave to the ultra liberal pressure and veto?

We sent out an email blast yesterday statewide asking people to email the Governor’s office and respectfully ask him to sign the bill.  The response has been good, but the “boots on the ground” in Pierre are telling us that the Governor’s phone is ringing off the wall (so to speak) from those across the country who don’t want to see this bill signed into law.  To say that there is enormous pressure to veto would be an understatement.  South Dakota is about to be the first state in the union to pass such a bill, and there are a host of people who don’t want that to happen.

We said yesterday that we need your help “one last time”.  Could we amend that and say that today, we need your help one last last time?  Would you CALL the Governor’s office and ask his staff to pass on to him the desire of a SOUTH DAKOTA VOTER that he sign this bill into law?  Please call 605-773-3212.  If the phone is busy, keep trying.  Let’s see if we can get this one done and on the books?

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If you have already reached out to the Governor’s office, thank you!  If you haven’t, please let your voice be heard.  You can use our automated system to email Governor Daugaard if you haven’t already.  Please click here to send an email to Governor Daugaard and ask him to sign this bill.  The opponents of the Student Physical Privacy Act are inundating the Governor with their point of view.  Please let your voice be heard, and it is extremely important that the message be in your own words.

God richly bless you and yours!  As always, thank you for your financial and moral support and keep us in your prayers.

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