Health Care for Pregnant Illegal Aliens in South Dakota

Phil Jensen


pregnantA few years ago, a Democrat sponsored a bill to provide taxpayer-funded health care to pregnant illegal aliens.

That bill failed, but since then, Republicans have been duped into picking up this dirty flag and flying it the past couple of years.

Like sour milk that keeps coming up the gullet, it’s back again this year in HB 1110. I’ve been extremely busy, and there have been all sorts of “fires” to worry about in our “Republican” supermajority legislature (how pathetic is it that you have to worry left and right about squeaking through conservative bills and fighting liberal bills when Republicans have a supermajority of 70+ percent in one house and 80% in another house???), so this one almost evaded by attention until one of my representatives brought it to my attention last night.

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HB 1110 would provide health care at U.S. taxpayer expense to pregnant women who aren’t otherwise entitled to fleece the taxpayer’s “based on their citizenship status”–which is a typically liberal way of saying “illegal aliens.”

So, we have “Republicans” in the “Republican” supermajority legislature who not only want to force taxpayers to pay for the health care of another person (something patently unconstitutional at the federal level, and still nothing more than “legalized plunder” and “forced charity” at the state level).

Not only that, we have “Republicans” in the “Republican” supermajority legislature who want to force taxpayers to pay for the health care of another person (something patently unconstitutional at the federal level, and still nothing more than “legalized plunder” and “forced charity” at the state level) for illegal aliens.

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And in doing so, they are creating more anchor babies to help illegal alien parents to stay in our country after having violated our borders and/or our immigration laws.

And make South Dakota a mecca for pregnant illegal aliens in other states.

We do still know what illegal aliens are, don’t we?

You know, people who shouldn’t even be here in the first place?

You know, people who violated our borders and/or broke our immigration laws?

You know, people who, when we determine they are here illegally, should be deported and sent back to their home country?

This passed the “Republican” supermajority House Health and Human Services Committee on Feb. 9 on an 11-2 vote:

Campbell Nay Conzet Yea Deutsch Yea
DiSanto Nay Greenfield (Lana) Yea Haugaard Yea
Holmes Yea McCleerey Yea Sly Yea
Soli Yea Wollmann Yea Heinemann (Leslie) Yea
Munsterman Yea

The “Republicans” voting to extend taxpayer-funded health care benefits to pregnant illegal aliens are in bold above.  Every one of these “Republicans” should know better. Respect for the rule of law, as well as opposing illegal immigration specifically, has long been a hallmark of the Republican Party, and is specifically addressed in the South Dakota GOP Platform. A few of the Republicans who voted for this are even otherwise good conservatives, no doubt duped into going along with it as a “pro-life” bill.  BS!  Absolute BS! Liberals have now figured out that they can suck in conservatives if they just slap a “pro-life” label on something.  Conservatives should be smarter than to allow themselves to be roped in by having their heart-strings tugged. Mindless emotionalism is a liberal characteristic, not a conservative one!

Remember folks, we’re to be harmless as doves AND as wise as serpents (because the enemy is crafty).

My two representatives from District 35 were the only ones wise enough and well-grounded in principle enough to vote correctly.

Unfortunately, it has now also passed the South Dakota House 53-14 (with the help of many, many “Republicans”).  I’d run out of ink (and time) if I tried to mark even all the “Republicans” in red who voted for this lawless bill, but you can figure it out, especially if you know who your reps are (which you should).

Anderson Yea Bartling Yea Beal Yea
Bolin Yea Bordeaux Yea Brunner Nay
Campbell Nay Conzet Nay Craig Yea
Cronin Yea Deutsch Excused DiSanto Nay
Dryden Yea Duvall Yea Feickert Yea
Gibson Yea Gosch Yea Greenfield (Lana) Yea
Haggar (Don) Yea Harrison Nay Haugaard Nay
Hawks Yea Hawley Yea Heinemann (Leslie) Yea
Holmes Yea Hunhoff (Jean) Yea Hunt Yea
Jensen (Alex) Yea Johns Yea Kaiser Excused
Killer Yea Kirschman Yea Klumb Yea
Langer Yea Latterell Nay Marty Nay
May Nay McCleerey Yea Mickelson Yea
Munsterman Excused Novstrup (Al) Yea Otten (Herman) Nay
Partridge Yea Peterson (Kent) Yea Qualm Yea
Rasmussen Yea Ring Yea Romkema Yea
Rounds Yea Rozum Yea Russell Nay
Schaefer Yea Schoenbeck Yea Schoenfish Yea
Schrempp Yea Sly Yea Soli Yea
Solum Yea Stalzer Nay Steinhauer Yea
Stevens Yea Tulson Yea Verchio Yea
Werner Nay Westra Yea Wiik Nay
Willadsen Yea Wollmann Yea Zikmund Yea
Wink Yea

Send them an email, or give them a phone call. Let them know that Republicans are supposed to stand for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and respect for the law.  This bill is not any of these things, providing health care for people who shouldn’t even be here in the first place, and should be deported as soon as we find out that they are, um, “ineligible for coverage under Title XIX of the federal Social Security Act based on their citizenship status.”

Be sure to contact your South Dakota Senator as well, because this is headed to the Senate now.

And while you’re at it, contact RINO Governor Dennis Daugaard, because he has made it clear he’s willing to hide funding for pregnant illegal aliens to get it done.

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  • Malcontent2

    H.B. 1110 also says this:

    “Section 8. That the code be amended by adding a NEW SECTION to read:

    For purposes of this Act, the term, prenatal medical services, does not include an abortion unless the abortion is necessitated by a medical emergency as defined in subdivision 34-23A-1(5).”

    U.S. taxpayers also pay for an abortion for an illegal alien under the guise of a medical emergency.

    So much for being a “pro-life” bill.