Another RINO Smear on a Conservative

South Dakota Senator Phil Jensen

South Dakota Senator Phil Jensen

Phil Jensen


When you’re a conservative these days, you never have to wait very long before you encounter someone eager to sully your reputation. Unfortunately, in recent years, you don’t even have to wait for someone from the liberal party of record do to it, either. There are more than enough liberals in the conservative party of record who are very willing to employ the tactics of the Left against those who promote Republican principles.

I am, of course, talking about the latest hit piece from the South Dakota War on Conservatives (SDWC) on South Dakota Senator Phil Jensen, one of the state’s most conservative and steadfast legislators. RINO Pat Powers at SDWC played off an article from the Rapid City Journal for his attack.

From the Journal:

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Speaking over the phone on the way to Pierre on Tuesday, Jensen recalled when one of his constituents told him he witnessed “dozens of South Americans” fleeing a white bus parked near downtown Rapid City.

“He knew they were South Americans,” Jensen said, “because they had different skull structures and skin tones from Mexicans.”

Of course, any time a conservative mentions anything whatsoever that has to do with ethnicity, it will be misconstrued and hijacked by liberals (in both parties) to crucify said conservative as a “racist.”

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And if you’re looking for low behavior, Pat Powers at the South Dakota War on Conservatives (SDWC) never fails to disappoint in this regard.

Responds South Dakota’s biggest RINO apologist:

Wow. I didn’t realize we had anthropology and bone structure experts wandering the streets.

It’s time to start cringing again.

It’s obvious from Powers’ verbage and the context of his comments that he’s implying that Jensen’s statement was racist. It’s what liberals always accuse conservatives of whenever conservatives try to resist illegal immigration, the threat of Islamic jihad, oppose a liberal who happens to be a politically-protected minority, or anything else where there is the slightest foothold that liberals can leverage under the banner of “racism” to stop the conservative from pursuing responsible public policy. “Racism” is the magic bullet of the modern Leftist world to shut down your enemies without even having to try to promote the merits of the morally and intellectually bankrupt liberal position.

The white guy who had as a member of his wedding party a black guy, and who adopted a Native American girl, is a racist. Uh huh. Now go pull my other leg.

If you know the history of RINO Powers’ coverage of Jensen and other conservatives, he never misses even the thinnest excuse to smear a conservative as a “racist.” It’s just what RINOs do, in this state and others. There is really little operational difference between RINOs and their out-of-the-closet Democrat brothers; they all use similar tactics to fight the documented values of the GOP and those who support those principles.

When I read the article, the statement seemed a little out of place in an article entitled “Bid to keep refugees out of state re-emerges,” especially so early on in the article.  It seemed as if some context were missing, and knowing the low quality of “mainstream” media “journalism” these days (and I have an award-winning anchorman friend who’ll back me up on that one), I didn’t know whether the flow of the article was bad, or parts had been left out, or what.

So I did what inquiring minds do when something doesn’t seem right and you want answers: I called the source of the quote.

Jensen told me this statement wasn’t the lead into the discussion of his refugee bill or even the heart of the discussion he had with the Rapid City Journal, but was a segue into the related but more general topic of immigration overall.

Jensen also clarified that the description cited was how his constituent had described the individuals in question. (Apparently, with RINOs waiting in the wings to smear you, you can’t even relate what another person told you without risking an assault on your character). The constituent stated he (the constituent) had spent a lot of time in South America, and due to his experience, said that there were anatomical differences that a seasoned eye could identify between a typical Mexican (from Central America) and a typical South American person.

Maybe you don’t need to be an anthropologist if you’ve had a little exposure to the world. Having done a little traveling in the world, I’m pretty good at differentiating some ethnicities.  I spent enough time among British people during my three years in that country that I could fairly accurately identify from the accent which of several local towns a person might have grown up in (yes, London isn’t the only British locality with diversified accents within a relatively small geographical area).

Jensen also stated that the constituent told him that the bus in question was parked in the parking lot across from the Civic Center, that the individuals in question who were walking away from the bus all had travel bags of the same type, and that they all appeared to be heading into the park where there was no obvious rally point or event for them to be going to.

The only thing Jensen has done wrong is refuse to play the liberal game being promoted by South Dakota’s RINO leadership, which has earned him a big bullseye for going against the corrupt herd.  And since RINO Governor Dennis Daugaard has once again proven himself reluctant to stand for conservative principles and put the people of South Dakota first, Jensen’s willingness to do so once again puts him at odds with the RINO establishment.

The RINO establishment came after Jensen with a vengeance in 2014 for having the temerity to, among other things, sponsor one of those embarrassing religious liberty bills, but he prevailed. From the indications of who will be running against him in the primary this year, the RINO establishment will probably double its efforts over 2014, with lots of union money likely to flow against him.

If you’re a South Dakota conservative who believes we need more representatives in Pierre who will stand tall for the documented values of the Republican Party, and that we need to be sure to keep the ones we have, please consider sending Jensen a campaign contribution or two during this primary season (don’t wait until the general), and if you can, maybe help him with knocking on some doors and handing out campaign literature.

Be assured that those who are determined to promote the Democrat agenda from within the Republican Party will be donating to his opponent and knocking on doors in support of his opponent.



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