Trump’s Manchurian Candidacy

Manchurian_CandidateEven before the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, the 2016 presidential election was set to be a milestone: After eight years of quasi-socialist government, often by decree by the president (with little or no opposition from the GOP), has the resulting social, political and economic destruction been enough to awaken the American people to the empty promises and lies of modern liberalism?  Will this nation will finally see through the veil of liberal rhetoric and promises and recognize it for the same old lie that’s been told around the world, always with the same catastrophic results (USSR, the old Soviet bloc in Central and Eastern Europe, China, Venezuela, etc.)?

Will the legion of disaffected Republican voters finally tire of the GOP establishment’s on-going deceit, and their anointing of yet another longtime hack who has done their bidding long enough to be rewarded with the nomination?  Bob Dole, John McCain, and now either Jeb Bush, Christie or Rubio, all of whom are beholden to the Party powerbrokers.

There are a couple of new wrinkles, problems for the Republican Party bosses’ long-established fraud: Dr. Ben Carson, a fine man from all accounts, and his polar opposite, the longtime liberal carnival barker Donald Trump, the perpetual opportunist trying to profit on the failure of the GOP to respond to their constituents’ dissatisfaction with the Party’s continual betrayal and broken promises.

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Personally, I love the idea of a non-career politician in the White House, but Dr. Carson’s lack of political and media savvy has crippled him.

As for Trump, any true conservative who now supports him is little more than a fellow traveler with the liberals who are destroying this nation.  For that’s what Trump is and has been his entire public life.  Although as a businessman he contributes to both parties, he gives more money and support to liberal Democrats.  In fact, he voted for Hillary in her 2008 bid for the nomination, and he voted for Obama.  This is the “savior” that conservatives are turning to?!?

The Democrats’ friends in the media are trumpeting how Trump is a maverick (remember McCain?) and a loose canon that the GOP establishment doesn’t want.  But just yesterday he showed his true colors, and perhaps the real reason for his candidacy.  After all, with his billions, what need has he of the political quagmire in Washington, DC?

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But it was never about winning for Trump; it was about making sure the Democrat candidate wins.  For yesterday he announced that the GOP has reneged on their pledge to support him, and therefore he’s entitled to renege on his promise to not run a third party campaign.  Ahh, now it becomes clear: if he gets the GOP nomination, he’s easily beatable.  If he doesn’t, he’ll draw enough votes as third party candidate (just as Perot did in 1992) to ensure a Democrat victory, regardless of their candidate.  Either way, we lose.

And despite the clear public record of who and what Trump is, otherwise conservative voters are supporting this charlatan?  They should know better, and they should be ashamed.

With Scalia’s death, however, the outcome of this presidential election becomes even more important, for Scalia was that fifth vote on all the 5-3 Supreme Court decisions that just barely held the line against the encroaching socialism by the liberals, both Democrat and Republican.  He’s called a conservative, but that’s true only in contrast to the liberal judges who believe in legislating from the bench: he believed in the Constitution as it was written, and ruled accordingly.  To him, the Constitution is no “living document” to be interpreted differently by each generation’s self-serving politicians, but the foundational document that protects the rights of the American people against those very same politicians.

Obama will nominate a supposed “moderate” (yeah, like Sotomayor or Kagan, his other two appointments) and the GOP-controlled Senate, even though they don’t have to, even though no lame duck president has even tried such a nomination in eighty years, will confirm the nominee.  Senate Majority Leader Mitchell has said he won’t have a vote on a nominee, but as Ted Cruz stated on the Senate floor, the man’s a liar.  Wait and see.

One final note: Cruz is on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and could block the vote for a nominee, but the powers-that-be in the Senate have already said he’ll have to recuse himself.  Why?  Because of the contrived flap about his U.S. citizenship, which could end up before the Supreme Court eventually, so they can’t have him weighing in on a judge who may one day rule on his case.  Once again, the GOP guts the Tea Party candidate they despise, because he won’t play their game.

Cruz, the one true Constitutional conservative (as Scalia was) is being defamed, attacked and handcuffed at every turn…not by the Democrats, but by the GOP establishment.  Knowing from at least two decades of experience how deceitful and sleazy the GOP establishment is, that should tell you all you need to know to support Ted Cruz for the GOP nomination.

But if you fall for the scam of supporting the charlatan Trump, Founder Samuel Adams’ words apply: “…may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

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