Will He Make America Great Again, or Trummericanize it?

Donald Trump (Photo credit: Marc Nozell)

Donald Trump (Photo credit: Marc Nozell)

Phil Jensen


Should Donald Trump be our next president? Is this really for the people or for himself?

Is The Donald really going to “Make America Great Again”, or is he intent on reinventing America in the image he perceives as America the Great? I don’t see Donald Trump making America great for the sake of America.  Rather, I see him Trummericanizing America more for the inherent challenge of doing so.

It’s not that Trump does not have some good ideas: building the wall on our Southern border, stopping Muslim immigration until we can get a handle on rooting out ISIS influence etc., repealing Obama’s illegal executive orders – these are all good ideas.

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Be that as it may, Trump is a loud-mouthed egotistical braggart who knows how to play to a crowd. The Donald says it like it is – this appeals to a lot of people. Some of what he says however is wildly inappropriate, look at this recent example. Is this the kind of man we want at the helm of the United States?

The American people seem to be rather enthralled with Trump, and at this stage of the game, I’m left to wonder – why? With all the press coverage it’s easy to see what kind of man Donald Trump is:

  • He has many an insulting remark aimed at women, he is insulting and demeaning to many of those around him
  • Trump professes an attraction to his own daughter
  • Trump’s many vulgar and very public feuds with high profile people
  • Inability to reference even one Bible verse, misnamed a popular book of the Bible

Trump is a successful businessman, with the exception of four bankruptcies. Then again, the U.S. is a country, not a business, and one cannot strictly use business models to fix what ails it.

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Trump claims God – but does God claim Trump? Trump’s actions certainly do not lead to a ringing endorsement of him being a Christian – in fact they speak loudly that he is not. I see Donald more as courting the Evangelical vote than courting God.

What happens if Trump wins? Would a Trump Presidency be a win for the U.S.? I have serious doubts about that. Read this article and answer the questions for yourself.

Trump likes a challenge, and in my opinion, this whole election campaign looks to be a challenge that Trump is set on winning. That is all well and good, but is there more to this than the challenge of winning itself? What happens once Trump is in office; will he take up the challenge of being President effectively and do so for the American people? Or will he seek to implement his own vision of a Great America – Trummericanizing this country based on his own vision and ideals?

If one has spent any amount of time listening to Donald Trump, one cannot help but hear Trump speak a lot about – Trump. Where does the country and her people fit into the Donald’s Trummericanized version of the U.S.?

A President Trump may well make a few improvements, but is the potential of another disaster in office worth the few home improvements Trump has planned?

SOURCE: The Olive Branch Report




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