Feminist Logic: Obedience to the Cause Required

Gloria Steinem (Photo credit: Ms. Foundation for Women)

Gloria Steinem (Photo credit: Ms. Foundation for Women)

Gloria Steinem opened mouth and once against showed her disdain for those not on-board with her opinions.  How dare any woman not support Hillary Clinton?  Should a female be a Bernie Sander’s fan, rather than Clinton, they are less serious voters?  They are after boys and the boys are with Sanders?  How insulting.  How pathetic, but not as pathetic as her so-called apology on Facebook, “In a case of talk-show Interruptus, I misspoke on the Bill Maher show recently, and apologize for what’s been misinterpreted as implying young women aren’t serious in their politics.”

Steinem apologizes for what has been misinterpreted?  Isn’t that saying she is sorry the misinterpreters are too stupid to have understood what she was saying?

What is it with women like Steinem?  Why do they require obedience to the cause (their opinion) or feel that something is flawed within the female dissenter?  How dare any woman use her own brain to come to her own conclusion, if it is contrary to the opinion of the elite rulers of the women’s cause?

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Just as some are willing to follow Hillary Clinton in spite of the fact that she has lied, there are those who think Steinem should get a pass on her insulting statement and pathetic apology.  Women who insult the women that feel both Clinton & Steinem should be held accountable.  That is apparently not allowed either in this realm of feminist logic that wants equality in all things but accountability.

Hillary insulted women some years back with her little comment about staying home and baking cookies.  Regardless of how it was said or how she claims it was meant — it sounded as though she thought women that chose homemaker as their profession were less than she.

Then there is Gloria.

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Sexual harassment was supposedly, in Steinem’s opinion, more difficult on the Anita Hill’s of the world than the women blue collar workers.  Really?   Whereas a blue collar worker might be stuck in a job, therefore, forced to endure any harassment — Hill would have had opportunities and chance to escape an unpleasant situation, which she did.  Furthermore, if Steinem was suggesting that sexual harassment doesn’t bother the poor women as much as the rich — she hasn’t a clue as to what she is talking about and further shows her disdain for those not of elite status.

Speaking of Anita Hill, it seems that during the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings, Steinem and her band of vicious feminists were insulting women that didn’t believe Anita Hill or 100% agree with the group think.  Obviously, the thinking hasn’t changed.  Women are required to stand with Steinem and Clinton or they are not worthy of respect.  They are less intelligent.  They are traitors.

From reading some of the Facebook responses and other comments around the net and on the news, it sounds as though there are women from every age group that are put out by Steinem, Hillary and their groupies.  Yes, it sounds as though more women are not willing to blindly follow and are demanding accountability (even from among other women).  Amazing!

Obedience to the cause may still be required in the minds of some elite feminists, but it’s becoming more and more apparent that the cause is beyond out-dated.  Women are tired of being manipulated, insulted and treated as though they do not have the ability or RIGHT to think for themselves.  These women will vote for the person of their choice — not Steinem’s.  How refreshing!

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