We Get Exactly the Kind of Government We Deserve – So Wake Up!

Ted Cruz in New Hampshire, Feb. 3, 2016 (Photo credit: Michael Vadon)

Ted Cruz in New Hampshire, Feb. 3, 2016 (Photo credit: Michael Vadon)

If you’re under the age of 30, then you probably think the current mess in the U.S. – socially, politically and economically – is normal.  It is not.

There was a time in this nation when you knew where the ‘bad elements’ of society hung out, and you avoided them.  You could go shopping or buy gas without having to worry about getting murdered by some thug whose repeated experience with the criminal justice system has taught him not to fear punishment for his crimes.  Kids went to school without the fear of being gunned down by some malcontent or mentally deranged psycho, or being assaulted or raped by some cretin there only to play sports…or being seduced by their teacher.

Speaking of teachers, public school education used to be fairly decent; today kids graduate who literally cannot read their diploma.  After nearly a trillion dollars thrown at the education system by our Congress, these are the results we get?

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Racial animosity is worse than it’s been in my lifetime, and despite the continual charges of “racism” by every black underachiever and malcontent, the most virulent racism for the past twenty years has been by blacks against whites.  So much for the “great Uniter” Obama.  Whatever happened to “the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin”?

Economically, this nation is finished; we’re dead and just haven’t enough sense to fall down.  The $19 TRILLION in debt that the politicians and media admit to is bad enough, but when Medicare and Medicaid and other commitments are factored in, the true national debt is well over $50 TRILLION.  And yet each time a “debt limit” is reached, instead of responsible action our Congress simply raises the amount that the nation can borrow.  Try that with your bank.

So with all this mess we’re currently in, you’d think the American people would finally awaken from their self-centered obsession with pleasure and distractions (football, basketball or other sports, or “reality TV”) and get serious about electing officials on every level that acknowledge this mess and who exhibit the integrity and responsibility to make the necessary hard choices to help us recover.

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Instead, after at least two decades of allowing elected officials in the federal government behaving as if they’re royalty and getting away with all manner of offenses, from sexual molestation of subordinates to theft to even murder (Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton), we have a slate of presidential wannabes, in both parties, that looks like something from a Marx Brothers movie.

I put the promises of career politicians in the same category as the unctuous words and promises of hormone-driven teenage boys to young girls – not “lies,” exactly, for they really mean it when they say it.  But will they mean it afterwards?  In both cases, you’d get a hearty laugh as an answer.  Apparently, that’s a lesson that many American voters have yet to learn.

The only way to gauge a politician is to compare what they say during campaigns with what they actually do once in office.  To look at what they have done in the past, often repeatedly.  Using that filter, there is only one candidate that Republican voters should consider: Ted Cruz.  He ran under the Tea Party banner of limiting big government, and he has fought against big government at every opportunity: he fought against Obamacare, amnesty for illegal aliens, etc.  In doing so, he has opposed his own party repeatedly, even though they all promised the same thing to get elected.  The GOP establishment despises Cruz for revealing their hypocrisy, so they’ve had their hit men (McCain, Dole, et al) attacking him, because Cruz signals the end of their chokehold on the GOP.

But Ted Cruz has done what he said he would do.  Isn’t that what you want in a politician?  Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change for any politician, let alone the president?

And for all you “Trumpsters,” why would you want another narcissist after eight years of Obama?  Trump has long been transparent about who he is – a self-centered, arrogant jerk who will try to steamroll anyone who gets in his way.  For a picture of the real Trump, just look at his response to losing the Iowa caucus for a true measure of the pettiness, spite and bullying nature of the man.  We have a president who has tried to rule by executive order and fiat already…why would you want another?

Now that the GOP establishment has apparently settled on Marco Rubio as “their” man, look for the attacks on Cruz from within the GOP to intensify.  But we know how two-faced and deceitful that bunch is; if I were Cruz, I’d be more worried if they liked and supported me!

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