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Photo credit: Paul Shaffner

Photo credit: Paul Shaffner

Phil Jensen


Recently, I told a friend how frustrated I get at times. There are so many problems for seniors with the Medicare system and the Obamacare law made things even worse. Sometimes, I just get so exhausted and frustrated while defending seniors from mistakes and fraud in the Medicare system that I need a break of a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days.

Several years before Obamacare became law, I estimated that senior citizens on Medicare were being overcharged on medical bills by over one billion dollars per year. Things have gotten worse since. I told my friend that I sometimes feel like I am not making a difference and it really bothers me at times.

My friend paused for a moment and then told me a story of two people walking on a beach and finding hundreds of star fish washed up on the beach by the tide. One person started picking up the starfish and throwing them back into the sea to save them. The other person asked the thrower why he was bothering to do that because there were so many starfish on the beach that no one could possibly throw all of them back into the ocean in time to save them.

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The thrower responded by picking up another starfish and telling the friend, “You are correct. I can’t possibly save all these starfish!” Then, he threw the starfish in his hand back into the ocean. “But, I just saved that one!”

My friend’s story and perspective helped me to feel much better knowing that I was doing what I could do to save senior citizens from the burden of wrongful medical bills.

What are you doing to save the “starfish” that you find on your beach?

Woodrow Wilcox


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