Recognizing Reagan’s Birthday

Phil Jensen


Republican_extremistTomorrow, February 6, 2016, would have been Ronald Reagan’s 105th birthday.

If you’re in or around Rapid City tomorrow around 9am, come to the Pizza Ranch on the south side of town, off 5th Street near the new Wal-Mart, and join Mark the Freedom Poet as conservatives recognize the life and accomplishments of one of America’s greatest presidents.

There are a growing number of conservative candidates for this year’s elections at several levels of government, and any present will be given an opportunity to talk about their campaigns.  Mark the Freedom Poet will also offer suggestions about how to help them win from his book, the 3-Fold Plan to Save America.

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Mark will also give a presentation entitled “The Wisdom and Optimism of Ronald Reagan.

Tomorrow afternoon at 2pm, Mark is also organizing a 4-block birthday parade in downtown Rapid City, starting at the Abraham Lincoln statue at 9th and Main, to Ronald Reagan’s statue at 6th and St. Joseph Street. If you can come, make posters to display for this great event.  If you can attend, please text or call Mark the Freedom Poet at 612-236-1516 or email [email protected].

Ronald Reagan was a former Democrat who left his original party to become one of the greatest Republicans ever. Unlike many “Republicans” today, he didn’t just slap an “R” after his name and keep on believing in the same bankrupt ideas.  Reagan realized the Democrat Party had begun a relentless slide Leftward in overt opposition to American principles and embracing Marxism.

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When Ronald Reagan was elected to the presidency in 1980, he took an ailing America (runaway inflation, high unemployment, emasculated military, no respect in the world, economic malaise, high income taxes) and quickly brought even the Democrats running half of congress to grudgingly pass an agenda that brought inflation and unemployment down, built up our military, brought back respect in the world, reduced taxes, and released the economic engine of America to bring unparalleled prosperity to all Americans who wanted to avail themselves of opportunity.

Ronald Reagan was also the first president to make it his mission to stop the advance of the evil Soviet Union.  From the military buildup, to his alliances worldwide, to his call for Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, his primary goal on the world stage was to prevent the tyranny of communism from spreading over more of the earth…and to turn it back, if possible. Indeed it was, and within two years of the end of his presidency, the Berlin Wall fell, and the Soviet Empire was crumbling along with it. I know. I was in Europe for two years before the Wall fell, and for several months more after it fell. I saw with my own eyes what a president determined to fight evil can do.

Ronald Reagan is gone now, but the man and his legacy are worth celebrating!



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