Iowa Proof: Beloved Hillary Clinton Melts Hearts & Gain Votes

Hillary_ClintonThe long awaited Iowa caucus has come and gone.  Hillary Clinton set the rooms on fire and became the beloved one that melted hearts and gained the majority of votes.  Well, maybe not so much so.

Bernie Sanders, the self-proclaimed socialist, was right on Hillary Clinton’s heels Monday night.  What was it?  Two-tenths or three-tenths of a difference?  Yes, her — the anointed one awaiting coronation — found the “no-chance candidate” close enough to not only tap her on the shoulder, but to give her a big hug as he moves up along side of her.  That ought to shake some serious scare into Hillary and her faithful followers.  But then again, she doesn’t seem very good at message classification recognition.

Hillary seems to think she can stonewall… deny… bully or joke away the issue with the emails, but she might just be wrong this time.  Votes in Iowa suggest she is.  The fact that Bernie Sanders has gained on her such as he has — is very telling.  Seems many people really are tired of the lies and deceit.  Seems many people really are tired of being used.  Seems many people are actually waking up and smelling the stench and corruption that has been passed off as “that’s politics” and as though it is something we HAVE TO accept.  No we don’t.

Ted Cruz 2016


Hillary Clinton may be beloved to her family, friends, associates and personal causes, but what about to the people — both here & over seas — who really did have to run and duck while under sniper fire?  What about all the other people who must follow the rules and laws or face being fired or even charged?  Yes, what about all the people that Hillary not only doesn’t represent, but offends by her words and actions?  Do they count?

Yes, they do.

Iowa proves that Hillary is not the beloved darling that some wish us to believe she is.  Not only doesn’t she melt hearts — Bernie is grabbing votes she thought were readily hers.  Maybe… just maybe… Hillary Clinton — once again — isn’t as inevitable as advertised?

Woodrow Wilcox


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