South Dakota Legislative Billwatch, Feb. 4, 2016

Phil Jensen


Pierre_Capitol_12124These are some of the bills of note being considered in the South Dakota Legislature tomorrow.

HB 1001 is a bill to repeal South Dakota’s participation in the Midwestern Regional Higher Education Compact. The bill has already passed the House 49-15 and now goes before the Senate Education Committee.  From what I recall of testimony in the House, we aren’t getting much benefit for our membership dues in the compact, so this would pull us out of the compact and save a little money.

Speaking of education, SB 83 is to protect intellectual inquiry, which is often trampled and ostracized in our modern politically correct Leftist culture.  The main part of the bill says:

Rick Kriebel 2016


No teacher may be prohibited from helping students understand, analyze, critique, or review in an objective scientific manner the strengths and weaknesses of scientific information presented in courses being taught which are aligned with the content standards established pursuant to § 13-3-48.

The liberals in both parties will, of course, demonize the measure as being “anti-science,” even though it is usually the Left that is anti-science in its blind faith in unproven assumption and downright contradiction of scientific evidence. The Left will harbor no doubt, no questioning of its fantasies including evolution, global warming, homosexual behavior, transsexual and transgenderism, and more.

This measure would help protect teachers who might dare utter some bit of non-politically-correct common sense and science that offends the fantasies of liberals.

Woodrow Wilcox


SB 77 would repeal the prohibition against carrying a concealed weapon in the state capitol for legislators and others with a concealed weapon permit.  Right now, there is little in the way of armed protection of legislators and other people who work in the capitol, and we know from sad experience what a juicy target gun-free zones are for nut jobs.

As always, keep a close eye on what goes on with your government. Your funds, your freedom, and the moral fiber of your community depends on it.

7:45 AM
Senate Education HB 1001 repeal the Midwestern Regional Higher Education Compact.
7:45 AM
Senate Education SB 83 protect the teaching of certain scientific information.
8:00 AM
Senate Judiciary SB 77 repeal the prohibition against carrying a concealed weapon in the state capitol.
8:00 AM
Senate Judiciary SB 90 ensure that members of the public are able to access and record public meetings.
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