Does God Believe Cell Phones in Cars Criminal?

Phil Jensen


lawThis week I was summoned to appear in court due to an infraction of a recently minted “law” against the use of a cell phone while driving. We find in the Word of God that the whole idea of courts and judges was God’s from the beginning – Exodus 18:21-22.

I chose to take my case to trial for an opportunity to witness to both judge and police officer. I know what the Maryland Constitution says in Declaration of Rights Article 21, that in all criminal offenses, the defendant has a right to a trial by jury. In court I was planning to ask the officer if he swore an oath before Almighty God to support and uphold the U.S. and Maryland Constitutions before he took his position as police officer. Then to ask him if he has ever read the Maryland Constitution. Then if he would read aloud the text of Declaration of Rights Article 21. Then to ask if the charge he brought against me was a criminal charge. Finally to ask him if he could point out to me in that court room where the jury was located. All of this in order to be a witness that they had sworn an oath to Almighty God, endangering their eternal soul, to follow and obey the supreme law of the State which law they were clearly not obeying.

Does civil government set a good example for the citizens when it does not obey the law it has clearly sworn an oath to uphold?

Rick Kriebel 2016


What if the court had granted my request for a jury trial? Well in Maryland’s Declaration of Rights Article 23 it states that the jury is to judge the law as to its validity; does the law passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor actually meet the test of valid law in that it complies with the Supreme Law of the Universe – God’s Law, and the second measure, the U.S. Constitution and the third test, the Maryland State Constitution? The Founders were following the Law of God. Note the Judges were plural – Exodus 22:8. In our American system the Jury is actually what the Bible calls judges. What we call judges were actually simply the umpire in the court room.

So if I had succeeded, and had a trial before a jury, my challenge to them would have been to judge if the cell phone law is valid law or not.

As the Lord would have it, the police officer didn’t show up. That means there was no witness in court to accuse me of having violated the law. But God’s Law requires witnesses (Exodus 22:8-9) so the judge dismissed my case. Anti-climactic for me; but at least I was not fined for violating a law which I believe is not valid law.

Woodrow Wilcox


On a side note, when I sent in my request for a trial I wrote that I was requesting a jury trial. It don’t know if it is an anomaly or not, but a friend of mine wrote the same on his request for trial and the officer didn’t show up. Here is a little experiment we could try; anytime you receive a ticket rather than pay it by mail, send in the trial request and ask in writing for a jury trial. It would be interesting to see if my experience is an anomaly or if the system doesn’t want to deal with the fact that the supreme law of this State requires a jury trial for any criminal offense.

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