Video: Rapid City Crackerbarrel on Transgender Bills

Rep. Mike Verchio

Rep. Mike Verchio

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At today’s legislative crackerbarrel meeting in Rapid City, a question was asked about why bills (HB 1008 and HB 11112) to deal with transgender issues in public schools was being brought when there had been no problems yet identified in public schools because of this.

Rep. Lance Russell of District 30 was the first to respond, stating the federal move to force schools to allow boys to use the girl’s restrooms and locker rooms and vice versa has caused us to have to deal with this. Russell said schools need to be able to give reasonable accommodation to these confused students, but do so without violating the rights of others who have to use those facilities.

Senator Craig Tieszen said he didn’t agree with these bills, implying that some people have a hard time comprehending transgenderism, and that such bills will be a lightning rod for legal action.

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Rep. Mike Verchio said he supported these bills, and stated that two legal defense organizations have already come forward pledging their pro bono support to defend any school district that is sued over this. Verchio said he didn’t want a 15 year old boy taking a shower with his 15 year old granddaughter

Rep. Lynne DiSanto said she was a cosponsor of HB 1112, and that when the state sees a problem coming, it is wise to get ahead of it. She said school officials have already approached the legislature looking for guidance because they see it coming, and that there would be lawsuits with or without the legislation.

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