Tired of Losing With the GOP, Even When They Win?

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) Photo credit: Michael Vadon

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) Photo credit: Michael Vadon

Phil Jensen


For over two decades now, American patriots have looked to the Republican Party to counter the leftward movement of this nation led by the liberal Democrats.  I ask you now: how has that worked out for you?

One definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing but expecting different results.  And if you go along with the GOP establishment…again…then you just may be insane.  Once and for all, will you accept that the Republican Party is NOT a conservative party?  How much more evidence do you need?

From Newt Gingrich and the “contract with America” to the current Congress, in which you and I again fell for the GOP rhetoric and gave them control over both houses of Congress, it has been the same.  We get our hopes up, then the GOP offers little or no resistance to everything the liberal Democrats want…and that’s if they don’t actually go along with it and vote with them!  Paul Ryan took over as Speaker of the House from the worse-than-useless John Boehner, but the first thing Ryan did was give Obama and the Democrats everything they asked for, without even the pretense of opposition!  The Democrats may as well have remained in control.

Rick Kriebel 2016


Now Donald Trump, a lifelong liberal narcissist, is supposedly running against the GOP establishment.  But wait…already the GOP powers-that-be are making moves to cozy up to him, calling him a “dealmaker we can work with.”  Notice, however, who they cannot work with, who they cannot control because he doesn’t go along with the good ol’ boys network of big money donors and lobbyists and career Republican politicians who toe the line.

The GOP establishment despises Ted Cruz more than they do Obama, or even Hillary, and they make no bones about it.  Those bloodsucking parasites in the GOP, who have done absolutely nothing to combat Obama and the Democrats for seven years, are telling you and me that Cruz “can’t possibly win a general election,” because he’s “too conservative.”

They tried to say that about Ronald Reagan, too, but he won two landslide victories, much to the chagrin of the GOP long-termers.  But the GOP haven’t nominated a conservative since then, because they care more about their power and their party than they do this country.

Woodrow Wilcox


Aside from your co-dependent addiction to the GOP, though, even more inexplicable is that you allow the mainstream media, which is really just the communication office of the liberal Democrat Party, tell you who to vote for!  The longer that buffoon Trump stays in the running, the more true conservative voters are beginning to “accept the inevitable,” with polls showing he’s actually gaining support among conservative voters.  Are you kidding me?!?  What’s wrong with you people?  The U.S. media shamelessly supports every leftist scheme and boondoggle and crackpot theory (e.g., “climate change”), as well as every lefty loony who comes down the pike.  Obama is still their fair-haired boy, and even the avowed socialist Bernie Sanders makes their legs tingle.

They save their greatest affection, of course, for the Hillde-beast, Hillary Clinton.  Straight out of the opening scene of Hamlet, that woman can’t be called a socialist, because all she believes in is herself, and obtaining the power she clearly believes she deserves.  She has proved repeatedly that laws don’t apply to her, and that she can’t be bothered with national security.  There are even several dead people in her wake, but the media have either ignored her “indiscretions” or explained it all away.  Because she’s one of them.

And yet you listen to that same media, to their phony polls and their unctuous “advice” about running a “too conservative” candidate?  That’s like the chickens putting the fox in charge of security: it’s going to turn out badly for the chickens!  A half century from now, historians will be obliged to conclude that American conservatives either went insane en masse at the beginning of the 21st century…or that they were just damned fools!

You have the opportunity to nominate a man of Christian faith, a man of proven integrity who believes in the Constitution as-written, and who has demonstrated his willingness to fight for his principles, regardless of the odds against him in his own party.  For that, the GOP despises Ted Cruz, and just like they did with the Tea Party, they’ll put all their resources into defeating him, ensuring he doesn’t get the presidential nomination.  For them, anybody else will do, including the charlatan Trump.

Please, if you love this nation, stop falling for the ongoing Republican deceit and the lies of the leftist media.  If you’re a true patriot, there is only one candidate who deserves your vote, and that’s Ted Cruz.



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