South Dakota Legislative Billwatch, Jan. 28, 2016

Phil Jensen


SD_senateThese are some of the interesting and important bills being considered by the South Dakota Legislature today.

The first on the list, HB 1076, is the drug testing for welfare recipients bill brought by Rep. Lynne DiSanto. The RINO establishment has already pulled out all the stops to demonize and poison the water on this one, even though in years past, some RINOs have supported such bills and even sponsored them.  But of course this time, a person who doesn’t suck up to the corrupt establishment is bringing the bill, which therefore means the bill must be destroyed and the prime sponsor marginalized and annihilated by the “in crowd” at the kindergarten known as the South Dakota Legislature. If the bill makes it out of the House Health and Human Services Committee, I’ll be stunned.

SB 24 is another important bill which would prohibit the sale of fetal body parts in South Dakota. You may remember the seemingly endless series of  videos over the past year or so which further (further) displayed the barbarity of Planned Parenthood and others with not only the slaughter of innocent children in the womb, but also the profitable selling of body parts from those abortions. Incidentally, our culture has now become so corrupt that it has indicted those who captured this barbarity on video, rather than those who committed the barbarism. SB 24 is being heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

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SB 54 is a bill on the recommendations of the Elder Abuse Task Force designed to protect our state’s elderly from being abused. Senate Judiciary is also looking at this bill today.

HB 1073 is an interesting one, requiring bicyclists to stop, move aside and allow faster vehicles (i.e. cars) to pass when there is no passing allowed and the bicycle is holding up traffic. Ever been there?  I have.  I talked to the sponsor, Rep. Chip Campbell, about the bill last week, and though the bill was only a couple of days old at that point, he was already hearing from livid bicyclists.  In  my opinion, if you can’t stay out of the way of traffic, you need to get on the sidewalk, or get the heck off the road.  Roads were made for fast-moving cars.  But I’m just old fashioned like that. When I was in law enforcement, in most jurisdictions, you can be pulled over for driving too slow. Why? It impedes the flow of traffic. Why is impeding the flow of traffic an offense?  Because it creates a safety hazard, because roads were made primarily with fast-moving vehicles in mind, and people expect to be able to get from one place to the other as quickly as possible. Well, unless you’re a self-centered bicyclist living in the “me” universe.

HB 1066 deals with the public notice required for public meetings of governmental bodies.

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HB 1002 deals with reporting requirements for a county’s general fund.

As always, it behooves a good citizen to stay apprised on what YOUR government is doing. After all, it’s YOUR money they’re messing with…and it’s YOUR freedom they may have in the crosshairs.



Date Committee/Chamber Bill Title
7:45 AM
House Health and Human Services HB 1076 provide for drug testing for certain assistance applicants.
8:00 AM
Senate Judiciary SB 24 prohibit the sale of fetal body parts and to provide a penalty therefor.
8:00 AM
Senate Judiciary SB 54 adopt the Elder Abuse Task Force’s statutory recommendations in order to protect South Dakota seniors and adults with disabilities from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
10:00 AM
House Transportation HB 1073 require persons operating bicycles under certain conditions to stop and allow faster vehicles to pass.
1:00 PM
House of Representatives HB 1066 revise certain provisions regarding the public notice for a meeting of a public body.
1:30 PM
Senate HB 1002 eliminate certain reporting requirements for the county general fund.
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