Liberal Distortion of Abortion

Phil Jensen


abortion_fetusHouse Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood (the nation’s largest provider of abortions), wrote an opinion column noting the 43rd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion-on-demand in our nation.

They claim that Republicans want to turn back the clock and take away “women’s right to safe, legal abortion.”

“Every woman should be able to make decisions about her pregnancy,” they continue, “including whether to end it, without shame, judgment, harassment, or intimidation — and certainly without interference by politicians.”

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As always, liberals like these two women of the left distort reality and truth to their benefit and to the detriment of those who suffer from the sick and destructive policies they promote.

Perhaps they can explain why this “right” exists for women, including teenage girls without consent of their parents, to destroy the living unborn child that they partnered in creating?

Yet these same liberals, who want to keep politicians away from protecting unborn life, have invited politicians into our lives beyond any point in our history. Thanks to them, politicians control the health care we buy, our retirement funds, where we send our children to school, our ability to get a bank loan, etc.

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And of course, those that suffer the most are low-income minority Americans that these same liberals pretend are of their utmost concern.

Pelosi and Richards caution about being “forced to return to those appalling, cruel circumstances” before Roe v. Wade, and they express their wish to protect “low-income women and women of color.”

Roe v. Wade did not occur in a vacuum. Abortion was legalized as part of an overall trend in the nation, championed by liberals, toward secularization and crass materialism and away from the traditional values that helped build our prosperity.

What are those horrible circumstances pre-Roe v.Wade that these liberals find so appalling?

At the time of the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, 55 percent of blacks were married. Today that number is down to 32 percent. At the time of Roe v. Wade, less than 40 percent of black babies were born to unwed mothers. Today it is over 70 percent. At the time of Roe v. Wade, about 10 percent of black children lived with an unmarried parent. Today it is over 40 percent.

Meanwhile, since 1973, some 60 million unborn children have been killed, about a third of which were black babies.

Research abounds today showing the link between poverty and broken families.

The massive intrusion of government into black life, championed by liberals such as Pelosi and Richards, and the damage this has brought to black families stand at the center of the problems that so plague black America today.

Shame occurs naturally when individuals know right and wrong. Rarely have I encountered a woman who did not instinctively feel shame with abortion. It is this healthy sense of right and wrong that liberals want to destroy.

David Daleiden, who produced the series of underground videos that showed how Planned Parenthood traffics and does business in the body parts of the infants they abort, spoke this past week in Washington, D.C., as part of the March for Life. He spoke in front of the new Planned Parenthood facility being constructed in a neighborhood in northeast D.C.

It is no accident that this is a black neighborhood, typical of where Planned Parenthood locates its facilities. It is also no accident that Planned Parenthood’s new facility in D.C. is not in Georgetown or Chevy Chase, where rich white liberals like Pelosi and Richards live.

Enough already. It’s time for our nation to take back its soul. And it is time for black Americans to stop supporting the very liberals that are destroying their lives, their communities and their nation.

We need to restore our freedom, our respect for the sanctity of life and our society.



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  • AFV

    If you’re against abortion you’re un-American. Freedom of choice is American exceptionalism at it’s finest.

    • Freedom of choice is indeed a staple of Americanism.

      How about we give unborn children the choice of whether to live or not? After all, America’s founding document recognizes the inalienable right to life, as endowed by our Creator.

      • AFV

        They’re not “children” until they’re born. They are a fetus. How about you adopt some unwanted kids?

        • Really?

          In the womb, the unborn child is genetically a human being. No doubt about it. Science confirms it without a shred of doubt.

          In the womb, the unborn child is genetically complete. No doubt about it. Science confirms it without a shred of doubt.

          In the womb, the unborn child is genetically distinct from its mother and/or father. It is therefore not a part of the mother’s body with which she may do as she chooses. A human being’s choice ends at the point it brings harm to another human being. And as science proves conclusively, we’re talking about a unique human being in the womb.

          Of course, I know that pro-abortionists (I used to be one, by the way) claim that an unborn child is not fully developed, so it is therefore not a human being. Well, as I’ve already pointed out a few times now, science proves the fallacy of the claim that it isn’t a human being. And as for not being fully developed, neither is an infant. Or a toddler. Or a 15 year old. Are you up for killing them? Let’s be logically and scientifically consistent now.

          I also know that pro-abortionists (I used to be one, remember, so I know the lies pro-abortionists cling to) claim that an unborn child is not deserving of the same God-given right to life that every other human being is, because they are dependent on the mother and cannot live without the support she provides. Well, neither can an infant. Or a toddler. Or even most kids until they are at least several years old. Or a lot of elderly people. Up for killing them for convenience, too?

          So you see, scientifically, the unborn child is a unique human being who is logically deserving of the same right to life that any other human being is entitled to.

          When I was exposed to these facts and got beyond the deception I was being fed, I stopped being pro-abortion and became pro-life.

          Are you ready to come to terms with the facts, and uphold the dignity of all innocent human life?

        • DCM7

          A “fetus” is just a name for a “child” that hasn’t been born yet. Calling it different names doesn’t affect what it is.

          And think about your logic. If I don’t want my neighbor to kill their 1-year-old child, I should have to be prepared to adopt it? Sorry, it doesn’t work that way with children who are already born, and it doesn’t work with children who aren’t.

          BTW, many years ago I did adopt a child that had come close to being aborted. So don’t be too quick to assume things about the people you’re talking to.

          • AFV

            You lost. There’s not enough of you to turn back the time to back alley abortions. You tried and you lost. Get over it. There are no do overs.

            • DCM7

              “There’s not enough of you to turn back the time to back alley abortions.”
              You think that’s what we want? Wow.

              BTW, here’s some education for you: “back alley abortions” were never the big, common thing you’ve been told they were. Most pre-Roe vs. Wade abortions were performed by legitimate doctors who were doing it under the table. All that really happened to the “back alley abortionists” after 1973 was that they became legal.

              “You lost.”
              Over 55 million aborted babies — the overwhelming majority with no justification except “convenience” — lost.
              Women who struggle with enormous guilt over having aborted — lost.
              Women who have been taught to just be used cheaply by men instead of being respected — lost.
              Women who have had their consciences too hardened to care anymore — lost.

            • Spoiled children worry about “you lost” rather than facts and morality. I don’t know your age, but try to act and think like an adult, or at a minimum, like a child who has been taught how to think and behave responsibly.

    • DCM7

      Like many who would take a position like that, you practically manage to sound like you don’t even know what abortion *is*…

      “Freedom of choice” only applies if you’re talking about two or more choices that are equally valid. Is the “choice” to kill a child after birth as valid as the “choice” not to? Of course not. And neither is the “choice” to kill it before birth. No amount of rhetoric or obfuscation will ever change that.

      • AFV

        Again no “child” is aborted. “Fetus’s” are aborted. Learn the language you pretend to know.

        • WXRGina

          The “language”? You mean the obfuscation liberals use to deny reality? A human being is a human being at conception, whether you care to believe it or not. Your lack of knowledge doesn’t change the truth of it.

          • AFV

            A fetus is not human until it breathes air. If you don’t like abortion don’t have one. Who are you to impose your kookiness on others? Same with gay marriage. You don’t like it don’t get married to someone of the same sex. You lost the culture war. There’s no winning it back. Fewer and fewer people buy your religious BS. Live the way you want to live stop pretending to care about something you have no say over.

            • DCM7

              “A fetus is not human until it breathes air.”
              According to what? Oh, yes, according to an arbitrary and meaningless standard that someone made up as a defense of abortion.

              “If you don’t like abortion don’t have one.”
              “You don’t like it don’t get married to someone of the same sex.”
              Ah, yes, the old “if you don’t approve of murder, don’t commit one” fallacy!

              “You lost the culture war.”
              It’s easy to “lose” against those who are willing to cheat, and to use and deceive others. But it ain’t over. And as of now you’re on the side that will lose, big time, in the end.

              “Fewer and fewer people buy your religious BS. Live the way you want to live stop pretending to care about something you have no say over.”
              If your statements here are indicative of how deeply and honestly you have (not) learned and thought about things, then your disagreement is exactly the kind we expect, and even seek.

            • Do you know what “fetus” really means? It means “offspring of a mammal,” or to go back further, the Latin means “newly delivered” or “fruitful.”

              I have recounted the science of human development to you here, and still you whine about “religious BS” (it was very intelligent and capable men who believe in what you call “religious BS” who crafted the most free and prosperous nation in history a little over 200 years ago, by the way, not to mention were the fathers of modern science).

              As we have pointed out before, your choice ends where the wife and health of another human being are involved.

              You have a creative “definition” of fetus that allows you to divorce your opinion from reality. When I was a pro-abort, at least I was operating out of blind ignorance. Here, you’ve been spoon-fed science, fact and truth, and still you squirm against reality like a spoiled child.

              There is obviously no helping you today. I hope you will give serious thought to the information to which you have been exposed here. If you do, I’m sure you’ll do as I did over 20 years ago: realize how terribly wrong you have been to embrace the barbaric slaughter of innocent human beings, beg God’s forgiveness, and do what you can to help others who have also been misled.

        • DCM7

          So… you resort to a shallow, tired, easily refuted game of semantics, as if it remotely resembled a convincing argument, and then talk to others as if they’re the ones that don’t know something?

          Wow. Sorry, but that just can’t be respected.

          • AFV

            You’re the one who is not respected except perhaps by other illogical kooks on the planet. Luckily for sanity there are not enough of you. You hate it so much? Move to a country where abortion is illegal. Meanwhile I’ll stay in this country of freedom of choice with sane people.

            • DCM7

              Your entire argument is boiling down to nothing more than name-calling. You sound as if you’re not really reading the responses here, and as if you’re about 13 years old.

              If you want to say something here, then at least try to sound as if you’ve bothered learning and understanding things.

            • WXRGina

              AFV, your obtuseness and senseless insults against us are wearing quite thin. You clearly have no interest in truth and reason, and it appears all you’re going to do is repeat lies. Consider moving it along to somewhere in which they’ll agree with you. We will not put up with your baseless spite and venom toward the truth much longer.

    • Thisoldspouse

      LOL!!! Freedom of choice - for leftists. For conservatives, not so much when it comes to school choice, not celebrating a fake “wedding,” or whether or not to buy health insurance.

      You leftists are such rank hypocrites.