South Dakota Legislative Billwatch, Jan. 26, 2016

Capitol_committee_rmThese are some of the more interesting bills being considered in the South Dakota Legislature today.

SB 60 is one I’ve really wanted to see for many years; unfortunately, it’s been brought up before, and the Agents of Stuck-in-the-Mud have shot it down, so I don’t know how good its odds are today.  Going through the silly exercise of changing our clocks twice a year, especially in a 24-hour culture with electricity everywhere, is one of the most asinine dances imaginable.  Let’s just set the damn clocks and leave them alone!

HB 1066 deals with legal requirements for notifying the public of a meeting, and while I don’t know that much about this bill specifically, it appears to be mainly a “cleanup” bill to clarify things.  Still, you never know when our “Republican” supermajority is going to get squirrely, so I keep an eye on bills like this.

HB 1057 seeks to give more latitude and authority to the South Dakota Commission on Gaming. The LRC website originally showed it scheduled for a hearing today, but a check of the bill shows it was actually considered in committee and passed yesterday (why am I not surprised) 12-1.  If you aren’t a big fan of the tax on the mathematically challenged known as gambling as I am not, you might be pleased to know that at least HB 1048 was stopped in committee yesterday, which was an expansion of authority for the South Dakota Lottery Commission; that one died 9-4.

Date Committee/Chamber Bill Title
10:00 AM
Senate Commerce and Energy SB 60 set daylight savings time as the permanent year-round time for the state of South Dakota.
11:00 AM
House Local Government HB 1066 revise certain provisions regarding the public notice for a meeting of a public body.
2:00 PM
House of Representatives HB 1057 revise the rule-making authority of the South Dakota Commission on Gaming.

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