Why the Political Establishment Likes Trump over Cruz

Ted_Cruz_principleConservative HQ has a great article today on exactly why the RINO Republican establishment would rather have Donald Trump than Ted Cruz as the 2016 presidential nominee.

Yes, the establishment loathed Donald Trump from the beginning of the campaign season.  He’s not a member of the political class, and thus not a member of the elite “in crowd.”  Trump has also found wings by exploiting the complete fecklessness of the RINO establishment in congress, and berating it without mercy (what half-way decent person in America couldn’t enjoy the worthless castrati being roasted–as they so desperately deserve–in public?).

That derision of the castrati establishment has garnered Trump the reputation of being “non-establishment.”  This reputation has brought Trump a lot of support in pop culture (that, and being on television since the 1980s, either in the news or on one of these brainless “reality TV” shows), as well as some conservatives who aren’t paying close attention.

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The establishment saw Trump as Enemy #1 for a long time, because Trump’s pop culture popularity was sucking up all the air in the room and no other candidate could come close to him.

But then, as Republicans started paying more attention, Ted Cruz started to gain some traction.  People started realizing that Ted Cruz, though a U.S. Senator, is the true outsider, the true non-establishment candidate who has ALREADY been not only castigating the castrati, but who has ALREADY been fighting them (almost alone) on Capitol Hill.

And that rise in the polls has sent ice through the veins of the RINO castrati in ways Donald Trump never could.

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You see, as I’ve pointed out many times before, Donald Trump is nothing more than a non-establishment RINO, no better than any other inconsistent RINO infesting the political scene today. Like RINOs always do, he talks like a conservative in public, but his record reveals a liberal. And he has made it clear that as he gains traction in the political realm, he’s more than willing to become an establishment deal-maker (i.e. a politico who sells out the Constitution and the American people) like the current batch of castrati already there.

Which brings us to the rundown of precisely why the RINO castrati despise Ted Cruz so much, and would much rather embrace “lesser of two evils” Donald Trump over Ted Cruz.

The Conservative HQ piece actually largely references a piece by former Clinton Labor Secretary, Democrat Robert Reich at WorkPlaceReport.com which lays it out in breathtaking accuracy and candor:

  1. He’s more fanatical. Trump is a bully and bigot but doesn’t hew to any sharp ideological line. Cruz is a fierce ideologue: He denies the existence of man-made climate change, rejects same-sex marriage, wants to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, believes the 2nd amendment guarantees everyone a right to guns, doesn’t believe in a constitutional divide between church and state, favors the death penalty, opposes international agreements, embraces a confrontational foreign policy, rejects immigration reform, demands the repeal of “every blessed word of Obamacare,” and takes a strict “originalist” view of the meaning of the Constitution.
  2. Cruz is a true believer. Trump has no firm principles except making money, getting attention, and gaining power. But Cruz really does detest the federal government, and has spent much of his life embracing radical right economic and political views. When Cruz said “we are facing what I consider to be the epic battle of our generation,” he wasn’t referring to jihadist terrorism but to Obamacare.
  3. He’s Smarter. Trump is no slouch but he hasn’t given any indication of a sharp mind. Cruz is razer-sharp: It’s not just his degrees from Princeton and Harvard Law, along with an impressive record at Harvard, or even his winning arguments before the Supreme Court. For his entire adult life he’s been a fierce debater with a intensely-logical debater’s mind.
  4. He’s more disciplined and strategic. Trump is all over the place, often winging it, saying whatever pops into his mind. Cruz hews to a clear script and a carefully crafted strategy. He plays the long game (as he’s shown in Iowa). Cruz’s legal career entailed a sustained use of the courts to achieve conservative ends, and he plots his moves carefully.
  5. Cruz is a loner who’s willing to destroy institutions. Trump has spent his career using the federal government and making friends with big shots. Not Cruz. Most of his Republican colleagues in the Senate detest him. And Cruz is eager to destroy: He has repeatedly crossed to the other side of the Capitol and led House Republicans toward fiscal cliffs. In the Fall of 2013, Cruz’s strident opposition to Obamacare – including a 21-hour talking marathon — led in a significant way to the shutdown of the federal government.

The liberals (in both parties) see Cruz as a vastly greater threat to their corrupt status quo than Trump would ever be.

Ted Cruz actually believes in the documented conservative values of the Republican Party. Ted Cruz actually believes in restoring the traditional American values that made the United States the most free and prosperous nation in history. Ted Cruz actually believes in returning the United States to constitutional, limited government.   Unlike almost every politician in Washington D.C., Ted Cruz means it.

So if you’re a real Republican (i.e. one who really believes in the documented values of the Republican Party and believes those goals should be pursued in public policy), if you’re a real conservative of any political affiliation, that makes it crystal clear who you should really be supporting in this race, doesn’t it?

The one who has DEMONSTRATED he will set fire to the fields of corruption cultivated by decades of morally bankrupt nest-feathering from the political establishment infesting both major political parties…


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