RINO Hypocrisy on Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

Smoking a marijuana joint (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Smoking a marijuana joint (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

I see that one of South Dakota’s biggest RINOs and loudest voices for hypocrisy from the other side of the state has an article in the Rapid City Journal today, once again predictably attacking a conservative legislator from the Left.

Pat Powers of the South Dakota War on Conservatives has a guest column in which he carries the war he’s already been waging on his own RINO gossip rag into the “mainstream” media concerning HB 1076 to drug test welfare recipients.

Those who have watched other bills similar to this one in recent years may find it interesting that RINO Powers has changed his tune more than a little on this subject.

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In 2011, we had HB 1120 to drug test welfare recipients. That same year, we also had HB 1152 to drug test welfare recipients. I don’t remember a peep from RINO Powers objecting to these bills. Of course, these bills had some RINOs as sponsors, so of course we have to take that into account. Nevertheless, RINO Governor Dennis Daugaard sent some of his minions to the legislature to ensure these bills got killed, usually in committee where it’s quieter and easier to hide from the public eye.

Then in 2012 we had HB 1174 and HB 1268 to drug test welfare recipients, and these too had some RINO sponsorship. Interestingly, drug testing for welfare recipients got a glowing review from the South Dakota War on Conservatives that year:

If someone chooses to abuse illegal drugs while recieving money from the state, I don’t believe that person should continue to get assistance.

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Those who are simply taking advantage of the generosity of the taxpayers should not be allowed to abuse the system. Let’s help the people who need it and stop helping those that take advantage of well intended programs.

So what changed with the 2016 bill?  Well, mainly that it was brought by an uncompromising conservative legislator named Rep. Lynne DiSanto who has proven she won’t suck up to the RINO establishment and play their games.

Therefore, that means RINOs must go out of their way to marginalize, demonize, and destroy her and any significant piece of legislation she proposes.

And not only is the prime sponsor of this latest bill one of those troublesome conservatives who believe Republicans ought to act like Republicans, a lot of the cosponsors are also that same kind of Republican that gives the liberal leadership in the party fits.

You see, there are basically two motivations we see from the RINO establishment in Pierre to attack conservatives and conservative legislation. One is because so many of the “Republicans” in our government are nothing more than Democrats who slapped an “R” after their name because they knew they needed that “R” to get elected in this heavily Republican state…but they never changed their liberal dispositions.  And two, many of the “Republicans’ in our state are so incredibly petty and childish that, if you aren’t a member of their clique, the in-crowd, they feel the overwhelming compulsion to peck you to death and destroy you.  They are like the worst bunch of six year olds on the playground you can imagine.

These RINOs don’t care that their petty games undermine unity in the Republican ranks and uniform support for Republican principles.  They don’t care that they are adding their voices to those from the out-of-the-closet Left in undermining conservative values.  In fact, to them, they don’t really care about advancing the Republican agenda at all. To them, it’s all a game.  It’s all about power and preening, and principle be damned.

We haven’t needed new evidence for over five years that the South Dakota War on Conservatives (SDWC) and its RINO publisher are sold out on hypocritical liberal defense and bashing of conservatives.

Nevertheless, this is just one more and the latest example that the corrupt RINO establishment fakes care far, far more about bashing and trashing conservatives and conservative principles than in advancing conservative principles–including and especially personal and fiscal responsibility. In fact, these are usually the first principles to go in their war against non-players.

The only time RINOs are interested in limited government is when (a) the concept can be twisted to thwart fiscal responsibility and the duty to protect the taxpayer’s interest, and (b) when it can be distorted to attack a conservative’s proposal. As we see here in this latest hit piece from a “Republican” on a conservative (which used to be one and the same thing).

If you’re interested in why drug testing for welfare recipients is not only a good idea in general, but also is a great example of conservative Republican values, you can read my recent article about DiSanto’s bill here.  Or one of my previous articles about the subject here, Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Because unlike petty RINOs, values don’t change for the sake of convenience, and by the grace of God, neither have I.

Sadly, this is just “situation normal” with the corrupt RINO establishment in this state.  Always there to attack a Republican promoting Republican values, never there to fight liberals promoting liberal values.

With a healthy dose of hypocrisy for dessert.

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  • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

    An anonymous commenter at the South Dakota War on Conservatives had this to say about RINO Powers’ op/ed in the Journal today, and they were devastatingly spot-on:

    Jan 26th 2016, 08:32, by Anonymous

    –As a proponent of limited government this measure troubles me greatly as a dangerous overreach of the authority of the state.

    But the fact that taxpayer-funded programs like TANF and SNAP don’t trouble you?

    If the principle is “limited government”, shouldn’t the simple existence of these programs be the proper subject of debate, rather than assuring that some ancient, but inapplicable, principle be respected? Without that discussion, the claim to be a proponent of “limited government” becomes suspect.

    –That stands against one of the most basic principles of criminal justice, the presumption of innocence, which has been recognized for nearly 1,500 years.

    Another principle of criminal justice is being judged by a jury of one’s peers, but that’s 100% irrelevant to a discussion on civil matters like whether one is entitled to government benefits. The proposed drug testing of TANF recipients is NOT being used to charge or try anyone for criminal drug possession. Invoking “innocent until proven guilty” is simply another hysterical distraction that has nothing to do with entitlements…and demonstrates a basic lack of understanding of the differences between administrative law and criminal law. Mentioning “innocent until proven guilty” in the context of this bill is akin to screaming about a 1500 year old “right to free speech” being violated by Kory Heidleberger on his blog. It’s 100% inapplicable..

    I suppose we should be thankful that the hysterics over drug testing grandma in the nursing home and school children in wheel chairs have been discarded.

    In the end then, this is not about TANF or “innocent until proven guilty–it’s a lame attempt to loudly proclaim the compassion and care and concern of those opposing the bill…without having to actually engage in the hard and persistent work of alleviating poverty and hunger and suffering that no gov’t welfare program can truly address (and that anyone claiming to be for limited gov’t would address BEFORE addressing this bill) . Loud words against this bill are meant to somehow inoculate one from the further criticism for not being a compassionate conservative. The only thing worse than being a hypocrite is being a lazy hypocrite who has plenty of words but won’t even bother to rise from the recliner to act otherwise.

    Other commenters here have discussed the underlying causes that lead to the symptoms meant to be addressed by TANF and such programs, some of them moral issues. Proponents of limited gov’t, true compassion, and real conservatives prefer to spend their time SOLVING the underlying causes, not just supporting programs like TANF that only serve to address the symptoms, and in too many cases, exacerbate those symptoms to the exclusion of solving the causes. This bill attempts to uncover those causes and address them.

    • Thisoldspouse

      The “limited government” proponents often prove to be anything but. Actually, true conservatism is the ultimate “limited government” philosophy, because it acknowledges that men are inherently prone to evil by nature, are in need of a transcendent Standard and transcendent Power to overcome their natural evil, and that governments are to restrain the open expressions and consequences of evil against others, but nothing more.

      • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

        the RINO troll in question has been, in the fashion typical of stealth liberals, been bad to use this liberal play a lot in the past few years. It’s called “accuse others of what you are neck-deep in yourself.”

        He (and his fellow corrupt RINO buddies) know they are pathetic when it comes to limited government, so how do they carry out a successful attack against a real limited government conservative? Simple. Just say that whatever the conservative promotes violates “limited government principles.” Doesn’t have to be logical. Doesn’t have to be true. Logic and truth are anathema to liberals anyway. All they need is the excuse as a nail to hang their hat on.

        This particular RINO troll was actually (for a while, before it fell completely flat and unsuccessful, I think) calling conservatives “RINOs” under the “logic” that since these conservatives (who upheld documented Republican principles) didn’t support the corrupt liberal RINO leadership, they weren’t really Republicans. Uh huh.

        Liberals (in both parties) have become really good at deflecting attention on their liberalism by saying that this isn’t really this, and that isn’t really that (in other words, even though something or someone is in textbook alignment with well-known conservative principles, it isn’t REALLY conservative). The purpose is to muddy the waters to (a) hide their own liberalism, and (b) obfuscate their transparent attack on a conservative for being conservative.

        Evil always hates light and clarity, so it always seeks to obfuscate, deceive and muddy the waters. And since liberalism pretty much uniformly embraces evil, that means liberals obfuscate, deceive and muddy the waters. Like the scorpion who gave the frog a ride, it’s just what they do.