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ShameAbortion and promiscuity. Planned Parenthood and “slut shaming.” I was reminded on this, the 43rd anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s disgraceful Roe v. Wade abortion-on-demand opinion, how inexorably linked are America’s abortion death culture and her ongoing sexual revolution.

As the story goes, Winston Churchill was talking with a socialite: “Madam, would you sleep with me for 5 million pounds?” he asked. “My goodness, Mr. Churchill,” she replied. “Well, I suppose we would have to discuss terms, of course.” Churchill: “Would you sleep with me for 5 pounds?” Socialite: “Mr. Churchill, what kind of woman do you think I am?!” Churchill: “Madam, we’ve already established that. Now we are haggling about the price.”

Today’s “progressives” would accuse Churchill of “slut shaming.” That’s a relatively new euphemism wherein liberals paradoxically try to shame into silence those who call a spade a spade.

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While she would certainly frame the demonstrable connection between abortion and promiscuity in different terms, feminist author and psychologist Valerie Tarico is well aware of the correlation. She boasts of it, in fact. In an October opinion piece at the Huffington Post, Tarico, who also served on Planned Parenthood’s Board of Advocates, writes, “The most lasting effect of the smear campaign against Planned Parenthood may be this: Young women are done – beyond done – with being shamed for the fact that they are sexual beings, with sexual bodies that have t*ts and as*es and tw*ts and vaginas and uteruses … and they are done being forced to have babies when they choose to have sex.”

Pure class.

The “smear campaign” to which Tarico refers ostensibly denotes the groundbreaking investigative journalism of The Center for Medical Progress (CMP), which exposed smoking-gun proof that Planned Parenthood intentionally and illegally profits, in the millions, by “crushing,” dismembering alive and otherwise torturing to death our most innocent fellow human beings, and then selling their body parts for Mengelesque “medical research.”

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“I remember sitting in my psychotherapy office a few years back, listening to a mother complain about her teen daughter’s attire,” Tarico continues. “‘She looks like a prostitute,’ the mother said.

“‘Yes,’ I agreed. ‘Like a prostitute – or a teenager.’”

Tarico and many pro-abort feminists like her encourage young women to look like prostitutes, or “sluts.” These days “slut walks,” wherein scantily clad, topless or fully nude gals march together in courageous, slutty unity, are all the rage – and Planned Parenthood has a revolving door through which they stream. It goes “ka-ching!” with every spin. Indeed, the abortion/STD giant manipulates young girls into “values neutral,” “consequence free sex” – something that does not exist – and then, when they get knocked up, takes their money, slaughters their babies and coldly sends them on their way.

Mix and repeat.

In an article on her own website titled, “Thirty Signs You’re a Slut,” Tarico brags of inspiring her own middle school-aged daughter into “sluthood” (the URL ends with “proud-mom-of-two-teenage-sluts”). “These days, it’s getting rather hard to hold your head high as a female if you aren’t willing to be seen as part of the slut sisterhood,” she opines.

That’s right. In the upside-down world of secular-leftism, sexual promiscuity is a badge of honor – and abortion, a rite of passage – for the upwardly mobile babe. Tarico hammers this home with a score-based inventory of benchmarks needed to “hold your head high as a female.” Among them:

  • I have condoms in my purse – or bra.
  • I like sex.
  • I am unmarried, and I’m not a virgin.
  • I wasn’t a virgin on my wedding night.
  • I stand with Planned Parenthood.
  • My cat is a person; a fertilized egg isn’t.
  • You can count me among the 1 in 3 women who have had an abortion.
  • I told my abortion story at the 1 in 3 Campaign.
  • I believe sex can be rich and intimate without marriage.
  • I find people of my own gender sexy.
  • Submission (except, maybe, in bed) is not my thing.

Only a dying culture lionizes women who publicly impugn – with pride – their own honor and virtue, and brag about killing their own flesh and blood. Yet, to the left, Valerie Tarico represents “progress.” She’s a hero – a bold voice for “women’s rights.”

This is by design. Secular-progressives have worked hard to deconstruct traditional sexual morality for generations. The goal is to impose – under penalty of law – their own moral relativist, sexual anarchist worldview. (Hence, the unconstitutional Obamacare mandate requiring that Christian groups cast aside millennia-old church doctrine, get with the postmodern program and capitulate to funding abortion homicide.)

Indeed, like other feminist radicals, Tarico demands that the rest of us underwrite her stated immoral practices by paying for her and other women’s birth control and child sacrifice. Fornication and abortion, of course, are considered “mortal sins” in Christianity. Catholic doctrine further bars the church from providing contraception, but to anti-Christian liberals like Tarico, religious liberty and freedom of conscience are things of the past, and the First Amendment represents an obstacle to their dystopian future.

Seriously. Can someone please explain to me how and why a woman’s “right” to be promiscuous and snuff-out her resulting offspring is my financial responsibility? If you refuse to buy your own “preventative medicine,” gals, why not hit up the fellas? Last I heard it takes two to do the fornication Fandango. It seems to me that public groveling for free contraception, abortifacients and surgical abortion reinforces the sexist stereotype that women can’t survive without welfare – without men. Women’s empowerment? More like patriarchal governmental dependency.

In another column last week on the “social stigma” surrounding abortion and female promiscuity, Tarico writes, “If the wall of shame and stigma ruptures, abortion foes may find themselves up against something even more powerful: Love.”

Yep, nothing says “I love you” like ripping your baby limb-from-limb.

“Slut shame” indeed.



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  • DCM7

    The connection between sex and the creation of new people has been the second bloody casualty of the “sexual revolution.”

    The first was the idea of sex as something valuable, something sacred, and something meant to be shared with absolute exclusivity.

    The irony of people making sex into the great Idol of the age is that, in doing so, they have driven a knife right into the heart of everything it was meant to be.