Love America? Then Elect This Guy…and It Ain’t Trump!

Donald_TrumpOne reason that most of the truly decent and qualified people in America don’t run for public office is the horrific media gauntlet that must be run.  Who wants every tidbit of their past splashed across the newspapers and TV screens by shameless, irresponsible so-called journalists?  (That is, of course, unless you’re a liberal, Democrat or Republican, for whom those in the media have a soft spot and thus treat with tender care, ignoring past indiscretions as “it’s just sex,” and neglecting to tell the whole truth lest it damage their preferred candidate’s chances at the polls.)

Mitt Romney is a good example.  Clearly a masterful executive with a talent for creating and growing businesses, and from all accounts (except those in the media) a truly decent and honorable man.  Yet he and his family were savaged by the press as “too wealthy,” too “white bread,” etc.  No wonder he nixed coming back for another campaign for 2016.

This time around, though, the GOP has several anomalies: businessman Donald Trump, famed surgeon Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Ted Cruz, the thorn in the side of the GOP establishment.

Ted Cruz 2016


Trump is a self-involved narcissist whose only concern is that he gets what he wants, regardless of the consequences to others.  You know, like the current president…and Donald Trump is more like Obama than anyone else in public life.  He’s the early front-runner only because he provides a break from the tired old rhetoric of the GOP establishment candidates like Dole, McCain and now Bush and Christie.  He’s the “anyone else” of this campaign, indicating widespread discontent with the Republican Party establishment’s continuing deceit and failure to live up to their campaign promises (like when the GOP won back control of the House and Senate in the mid-term elections, yet within hours the “leadership” in both houses gave the Obama administration everything it asked for on immigration, the budget, etc.).  So, finally, the Republican faithful seem to have had enough of that ongoing bait-and-switch, which is why Trump’s blustering and outrageous comments have gained immediate attention and support among some of the disaffected voters.

However, Trump is anything but a Conservative on abortion, on gun control, on immigration, etc.  Only now that he’s trying to get votes has he “clarified” his positions to seem like they’re more Conservative, when his whole public career he has espoused more liberal positions and supported liberal candidates, including Hillary Clinton,

No matter, you say?  We just want somebody – anybody! –  different from the same lying, deceitful career politicians that say one thing and do another.  Well, let me ask you this: How’d that work out with Jimmy Carter?  Or Bill Clinton?  And especially Barack Obama?!  It would be the same, or worse, with Donald Trump.  His long-term actions, the things he has supported and the candidates to whom he has given his money are more of an indication of his true views than his current campaign rhetoric (will Americans never learn this fundamental lesson?).

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Find a candidate who has lived out his professed beliefs, who has demonstrated with his life and his actions that the values, morals, beliefs and policy positions he espouses are not just campaign rhetoric, ear candy to garner votes, but part of who he is as a human being.

One such candidate is Dr. Ben Carson, whose life story rivals Lincoln’s “log cabin to the White House” narrative.   As a person, he seems the genuine article (what other political candidate cancels campaign events because a “lower echelon” campaign volunteer died in a car wreck?).  However, he has been confronted with the realities of political campaigns in a nation where the average attention span is that of a gnat, and has largely failed to find the campaign slogans and gimmicks to catch their attention (which is to say, to catch the attention of the fickle media).  Besides that, like Obama, he has no record of serving in an executive capacity so we can see how he would make decisions in day-to-day life.  The bitter shame of American politics today is that “a good man” isn’t enough, for he would not have the political savvy to overcome the political establishment in his own party, let alone the cynical backroom politics of Washington, D.C.

That leaves Senator Ted Cruz, who swept into the Senate as a Tea Party candidate.  He has a similar life story to Carson, if marginally less dramatic, and his credentials as a Conservative are impeccable: filibustering against ObamaCare, opposing Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens, and even calling the deceitful GOP Senate Majority Leader McConnell a liar on the Senate floor!  Talk about a breath of fresh air.

Of course, that has put Cruz at odds with the GOP establishment and their lackeys.  The GOP despise Cruz because he exposes them for what they are: powermongers who would rather lose control of the Congress as long as they keep their seats, and who know that having true Conservatives gain power would spell the end of their cushy positions (which is why they, not the Democrats, spent millions defeating most Tea Party candidates).  It has often been said that you can tell a lot about a person by their enemies: Bob Dole, longtime GOP establishment hack, just came out as a hatchet man for his cronies against Cruz, as did the Iowa Republican governor, another of that ilk.  Just watch who in the GOP establishment opposes Cruz for an indication of what Cruz offers: Dole, McCain, Mitchell, Boehner and the rest of those scumbags oppose him, which to my mind is an excellent testimony in his favor.

The media’s usual assault on the campaign of a real Conservative is in full swing (the tired old “he’s too conservative to appeal to moderates and Independents”). But didn’t they say that about Reagan?  Twice?  But he won both elections by landslides…and we’ve not had a true Conservative candidate since Reagan.  Cruz is the one true Conservative who has demonstrated that he actually believes what he says, and has proved it with actions in the Senate.  Noted business guru Jack Welch says that Cruz got his attention “because he actually does what he says he will do.”  Now, wouldn’t THAT be a refreshing change?

In 2008, people flocked to the polls to elect a black president, taking little time to examine the credentials or character of the candidate.  Today, liberal Democrats can’t wait to elect a woman as president, totally ignoring Hillary’s appalling public record as a politician, and as a human being.  And now the Republican voters are letting the media lead them down that same path, wanting “anything different” from what the GOP has offered the past several decades, and hoping against hope that Trump is it.  But we’ve already seen what lies at the end of that path.

Ted Cruz’s life is what has made him a true Constitutional Conservative, and after eight years of liberal destruction of this nation’s Founding principles, he’s the person we need in the White House in 2016 to try and undo that damage.  If you want “something different” from the GOP, Ted Cruz is it, and deserves to be considered for what he has done, and what he believes…not for what the GOP establishment and the mainstream media say about him.  They both are terrified of what he would do as president…and that should tell you all you need to know about Ted Cruz.

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