Ted Cruz: Protecting and Restoring America’s Heritage

Ted_Cruz_faith_WashingtonThis new video (below) tells in 17 minutes the history, heritage and heart of Ted Cruz.

The story starts with his father, Rafael Cruz, and his journey from a rough, drinking man who abandoned his family, to a born-again Christian with a new life.

Rafael Cruz passed along this life-changing faith to his son by reading the Bible to him every night, and through a Christian summer camp where Ted ended up surrendering his life to Christ as his father had done.

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Ted Cruz went on to receive not only a Christian education thanks to his born-again parents, but a conservative education as well. Raphael was involved in helping get Ronald Reagan elected, and young Ted listened to his parents talk about the issues and candidates around the dinner table.

Before Cruz was out of high school, he had already memorized the U.S. Constitution, and went on to receive an Ivy League education at Princeton and Harvard.  Amazingly (no doubt thanks to his Christian and conservative grounding), he was not misled by the rampant liberalism in college.  He became a champion debater and could run rings around most other people.

Cruz clerked at the U.S. Supreme Court under Chief Justice William Rehnquist, and worked on George W. Bush’s campaign for president.

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After some time at the Federal Trade Commission, where he worked hard for limited government and the free market, he went on to become Solicitor General for the state of Texas.  While there, he argued more cases (and won most of them) before the U.S. Supreme Court than any other Solicitor General in history. Many of those cases were defending religious liberty and the Christian heritage that has made America the greatest nation in history.

Ted Cruz understands that it was and is the Christian values that formed the foundation of our government and way of life, that made America the most free and prosperous nation in history.  He understands that as the Left attacks and undermines that foundation, all the blessings of liberty that we have known for over 200 years are imperiled.

Christian, there is no candidate for president who is more inclined or better able to defend America’s foundation than Ted Cruz.

Yes, part of what we must do to restore this nation to its historically great path is to defeat liberalism, including the establishment corruption in the Republican Party.

But it isn’t just about tearing down the establishment.  Restoring America to health will require so much more than just tearing down the enemy’s siege engines. It will require someone who understands what made America great in the first place, who is committed to restoring those values to the public arena.

Yes, you could vote for a billionaire wrecking-ball who says what’s on his mind.  Anyone who’s worth a hill of beans appreciates straight talk.  But at the end of the day, Donald Trump is nothing more than a non-establishment liberal.  The only difference between Donald Trump and the liberals in the GOP who talk conservative on the campaign trail and govern liberal once you elect them is that Trump comes from outside the political class.

Donald Trump has repeatedly proven to us that he knows very little about the Christian faith (held by almost all of this nation’s founders).  From being unable to cite a favorite Bible passage, to apparently believing he doesn’t need God’s forgiveness, to not knowing how to refer to a major book of the Bible, it’s clear Donald Trump doesn’t know much about Christianity.  While it is not required that a person be a Christian to be president, nor is it required that they know much about the Bible, it is undeniable to the informed and honest mind that America was founded by dedicated Christians on Christian principles.  If you do not understand the foundation (Christian) of this nation, if you do not understand the principles (Christian) that made it free and successful in the first place, and you show no particular allegiance to or affinity for those principles (if anything, for the opposite), how can you possibly succeed in leading it out of the current cesspool and back to greatness?  The answer is obvious: you can’t.

But Ted Cruz does understand these principles. Thoroughly.  And he has demonstrated that he will oppose even obstructionists in his own party, if required, to return our nation to its founding principles.

Ted Cruz, though a U.S. Senator, is not a part of the establishment.  If you doubt that for a second, look at how incredibly loathed he is by the establishment figures such as John McCain, Mitch McConnell (whom Cruz called a liar on the Senate floor), and others.  Look at how the RINO establishment would rather have ANYONE than Ted Cruz as president. When push comes to shove, the corrupt RINO establishment would rather have Trump than Cruz. For that matter, the establishment would rather have a socialist Democrat than someone who actually believes Republican values are worth fighting for.

Why?  Because they know Cruz means it.  They know Cruz won’t continue the cronyism that has always been a part of how Donald Trump has done business (Trump has admitted that to us).  They know Ted Cruz is committed to restoring America to the path of constitutional limited government…and that scares the living Hell out of the RINO establishment.

If you want to rid America of the cronyism that has been choking it, Ted Cruz is the best and really only candidate.

If you want to get America back on the path of limited constitutional government, Ted Cruz is the best and really only candidate.

If you want to protect the Christian values that formed the foundation of America’s greatness, Ted Cruz is the best and really only candidate.

We haven’t seen a presidential candidate of this caliber since Ronald Reagan. In fact, as a Reagan supporter since I was 13 years old in Reagan’s first term, I strongly suspect Ted Cruz could even surpass the champion Ronald Reagan in greatness.

Please, take the time to watch this 17 minute video.

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  • Gen. Chang

    Big thanks to the author for being a “courageous conservative” The truth is out there, and I surely hope and pray that people wake up to the urgent need to be honest with oneself. This is a once and a lifetime opportunity to right the direction of the country. If we get it wrong, then we doom our children, and grandchildren, to a future of servitude to a socialistic nanny state. Now is the time to make a stand for our conservative principles, and elect the only candidate who has lived them! Ted Cruz !