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In January 2016, I helped a client who visited me twice to resolve one Medicare related problem. The client is from Valparaiso, Indiana.

The first problem was that although he had switched Medicare supplement insurance companies on October 1, 2015, Medicare did not update his file until sometime in mid-January of 2016. All the medical claims that were sent to Medicare before the file was updated were not paid because Medicare sent the claims to the previous insurance company rather than the current one.

Fixing that problem required the two visits – first to ask that the correction be made and then to make sure Medicare did correct the file.

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But, another “problem” was discovered. The client’s doctor billed him for $850 for delivery of two custom orthotics (shoe sole cushions). But, the maker of the orthotics accidentally sent a copy of the bill to the doctor to the patient – our client. The client discovered that the orthotics maker charged the doctor only $55. The doctor charged the client $850 for delivering the foot cushions to the patient. That is a $795 mark up for receiving and handing the custom foot orthotics to the patient. That is quite a mark-up. Somehow that seems wrong and exploitive by the doctor. Maybe some state and federal laws should be changed so that medical service providers can’t do that anymore.

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