Racism in America: Real?

Phil Jensen


racism_Larry_ElderPrager University has another great video out.  The Left loves to play the narrative that America is a racist country.  After all, the party of the Left (the Democrat Party) fought hard to maintain race-based slavery in America for a long, long time, and even after Republicans brought that to an end, they fought very hard to maintain institutional racism until Lyndon Johnson figured out that if he just pandered to black Americans, the Democrat Party could “…have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

But is the America of 2016 really a racist country?  Despite the race-baiting of our president, look at the evidence.

For one thing, America recently elected–then re-elected–the black man who claims America is such a racist hellhole.

Rick Kriebel 2016


As Larry Elder points out in the video, the number of people who approve of interracial marriages today is 87%.  I have several friends who are in marriages of mixed skin colors (I don’t like the term “race” as it applies to human beings, because we are all one race–the human race).  Just last week, I ran into an old friend and brother in Christ who is black and married to a white woman, and though according to Barack Obama I’m supposed to be a racist because I’m white, we embraced as old friends (20 years) and caught up on each other’s family.

Elder also talks about the allegations of racism surrounding Ferguson, Missouri. Again, when you look at the facts, you see a different picture than the one painted by the Democrats.  Though black Americans make up about 13% of the population, they commit about 55% of homicides in America (and the victim is almost always another black person). If police were truly racist, wouldn’t they applaud (rather than arrest) a black person for killing another black person?

In 2012, police had to kill in the line of duty 123 blacks, but had to kill more than twice as many whites.  Maybe the police are racist against whites? That same year, black Americans murdered some 6,000 people (far more than the police shot in the line of duty), most of those black also.

Woodrow Wilcox


Traffic stop statistics also show that black Americans commit a disproportionate amount of moving violations.  Indeed, most black drivers questioned about their traffic stop admit they were stopped for a legitimate reason.

Are there still some racists in American society?  Of course there are. There are racists in every country on earth. Some people are just always going to hate and distrust someone who looks different than they do.

But in America, we ended the institutional racism Democrats sought to impose on America several decades ago, and as time has gone by, most people have realized that the color of a person’s skin has no more to do with the quality of person they are than their hair or eye color.

Let’s truly move beyond racism in America. Let’s stop paying any heed whatsoever to the race pimps like Je$$ie Jack$son, Al $harpton, and Barack Obama.  Let’s stop excusing bad behavior by anyone, regardless of skin color, and start working together, not as hypenated people, but as Americans.



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