In 2016, Politics is not the Best Answer

Phil Jensen


question_fThis is a look at the future of America, not the past, and this is the ninth yearly foretelling in the prophecy series which began in 2008.

It is abundantly clear that America is placing all her stock in the upcoming 2016 election of a new president. Can one leader (president) turn the nation around? Let’s examine.

Two things have recently transpired that have already gone un-noticed. In the momentum built up by the favorite, Donald Trump, very few have noticed that the so called non-establishment candidate has already proven that he is just another politician in the making.

Rick Kriebel 2016


Winning is all that matters to Donald Trump and his ability to win at everything is the very thrust of his campaign.  The only serious threat so far to an unhindered landslide is Ted Cruz, who is still ahead in the Iowa caucuses at this moment.

Facing this first and serious threat to his meteoric rise in the polls, Trump does what all politicians have done since the beginning time. First, he brings out the Cruz eligibility question and second, milks it for all the doubt it can muster. This is lowball politics and it is the first indicator that Trump is not beyond hitting below the belt if it serves his purpose.

Trump ceased to be a non-establishment candidate the moment he chose to take the low road concerning Ted Cruz. But this is the problem: politics as usual cannot, and will not, solve the real problem in our nation because politics is not the heart of the problem.

Woodrow Wilcox


Donald Trump is not entirely the problem, but it is the most basic flaw in American politics and democracy in general. That flaw is the belief that the majority cannot be wrong. Need proof? Consider the results of the 2008 election where the majority gave us one: Barack Obama.

The Heart of the Problem is Immorality – But the Top Two Fails is what will Seal our Fate

Make no mistake, the continuation of abortion, along with the recent SCOTUS ruling of Obergefell which allows homosexual marriage, are only two of the worst elements in the decline of our nation, but these two alone are a guarantee of imminent failure. America will never be great again regardless of who wins the 2016 presidential race if these two blights are allowed to continue.

We may think Isis, security, jobs, education, infrastructure and a dozen other problems are the worst things we are facing, but we could not be more wrong.

Calling for or expecting God to give us greatness while we practice immorality on this level, is making fools of us all. In God’s economy this will never happen. What he will do is give us space to repent and then lift his hand of protection and favor – don’t look now, but it has already begun.

This is the equation drawn from the scriptures that most will not see. Isis, security, education, jobs and all else that plagues our nation is here because we have overlooked the two most egregious and extreme immoralities of our time.

Elect anyone you may choose, the entrance or visitation of God into our national affairs is forthwith and while God is slow to anger – he is not our fool, his patience does have an end.

Tell us Some New Thing and if you’re Right We will Believe You!

The first 30 years of the church is recorded in the action-packed book of Acts. It is there that Paul is found in ancient Athens (Acts 17: 15f) where idols abounded and any emergent trend of the day would first be heard and discussed.

Paul ran across a group of Athenians that waited daily on Mars’ Hill just to hear of some new thing, some trendy new behavior, or some new twist in religion, politics, philosophy and societal comportment from around the world.

When Paul preached the gospel to them, they largely passed it off as some new myth with an almost unbelievable facet attached to it, known as the resurrection from the dead of one Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Any real voice of prophecy will have at its heart, the same message as Paul – the gospel of a resurrected Savior. Any more than this is what we here in Louisiana call a – “lagniappe.”

After the gospel, it must be noted that the very definition of true prophecy is the “forth telling of the will and counsel of God, past, present and future.”

I have never been able to anticipate what God will show me. In the last 40 years I have seen the future in dreams that are like full-color previews of future events. Not one out of thousands has ever failed or been wrong. But sometimes the content of these revelations comes only to show me that he still has me on the line and that he can and will speak in his own sovereign will. On a few rare occasions I asked God to show me something and he did.

I was warned about Hurricane Katrina many months before it occurred. Just weeks ago, I was shown a picture of a barrier that was designed to hold back water like a levee being maxed with rising water to the point of almost breaking.

Only one week later, parts of the mid-west underwent the worst flooding in decades. Just two days ago, the immense barrier known as the Bonnet Carre Spillway opened and the Army Corp of Engineers is still contemplating opening the Morganza Spillway to relieve the pressure of the mighty Mississippi River here in Louisiana.

These are related to local events, but they show me that God is vigilant.

“Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3: 7)

So what’s new for 2016? Actually my first and most important of all prophecies is still in the works and drawing ever closer as the day’s progress. That message is of a complete and devastating economic collapse that will affect every man woman and child in the nation. It is nearer now than ever.

So what can We Do – What Candidate is able to avert this Event?

Here’s the rub. God showed me that these things will take place, there is no doubt that they are still on schedule to happen in the near future.

We could repent of our immoralities, but it is evident, that we will not before these events occur. That the events seen will happen is proof that few to none are listening to the myriad of voices that are calling for us to change course. Apparently we will buy the worst scenario by our continued and willful disobedience.

As for which candidate can stop the events, the answer is none.

The only difference will be that if Trump is elected he will be humiliated as the great business master who amassed a fortune, but could not protect the fortunes of America. Trump’s own fortune will not escape being affected.

If Cruz is elected, he will continue to lead the nation with purpose and dignity until better days arrive. He will not be embarrassed because he made no brash promises about our economy or about our return to greatness in spite of our continuing in a full rebellion against the will of God.

No one will escape the inevitable; every sector of life in America will change. Some no doubt will look to God again, while others will curse God, the president and anyone else they deem responsible for the loss of all things.

OK Preacher What Should We Do? – Is There any Hope?

Because Christ has been resurrected there is always hope.

Consider the words to Bill Gaither’s beloved song, “Because He Lives”

Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow

Because he lives, all fear is gone;

Because I know He holds the future,

And life is worth the living,

Just because He Lives!

Hope springs eternal because not only has Christ overcome this world (Jn 16: 33) but he will soon return to rule the world with a rod of iron. (Rev 19: 15)

As we await the results of our choices for 2016 – Here is my best advice for anyone with the ears to hear.

  1. As we enter this election year, ponder your choices very carefully. Don’t be caught up in hero worship, but seek a statesmen. If campaign promises are all you have to go on, look again – look a great deal closer. In our explosive world, loud and noisy will only go so far and may actually reverse to bite us on the posterior.
  1. Abandon all fear and get in the fight. Stand and work against the wholesale slaughter of innocent children under the curse of abortion. Fight against the homosexual agenda as if our national life depended on it – it does.
  1. Repent of your own sins and place your life into the hands of the resurrected Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Forget all you know about religion; just put your weight completely upon Christ and his word. He is waiting.

“All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.” (Jn 6: 37)



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