Establishment Senator Thune Doesn’t Like Being Called Establishment

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Thune_ConservativeReview_20151223South Dakota’s “Republican” Senator John Thune , the man with a 48% Liberty Score from Conservative Review, the man who attended a fundraiser for RINO Thad Cochran and donated to Cochran’s campaign (Cochran, who tried to smear Tea Party conservative opponent Chris McDaniel from the Left as a racist), says he’s offended about being called a member of the RINO establishment.

From the Daily Caller:

“I’m personally very offended about being called the establishment. We understand that politics isn’t very popular right now. There’s a good amount of the American electorate, which I totally get, that’s frustrated with Washington generally,” Thune told The Daily Caller during a press conference.

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“Politics isn’t very popular right now” because the Democrat Party has been very successful in recent years in fundamentally transforming America…dangerously closer to the Leftist cesspool that will forever destroy everything that has ever been great about her. And the Republican Party (that we used to be able to count on to fight this Leftward slide) has done virtually nothing to stop this fundamental transformation, and in many cases, has gone right along with Leftist Democrats in making it happen. The ones who are supposed to know better have been behaving like effete geldings instead of serious opponents of the Left.

That is why “politics isn’t very popular right now.”  There is NO political party Americans can count on to get her back on the track of the principles that brought her to greatness in the first place.

I used to really like Senator Thune (on a personal level, he is still a likable man). I worked very hard along with so many others to help get him elected back in 2004. I’ve met with him several times. I like many of his staff members.  And yes, he’s better than the Leftist Democrat Tom Daschle he replaced.

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But that’s not good enough for a Republican.  That’s really not good enough for the Number 3 Republican in the U.S. Senate, where he should be exhibiting leadership in showing other Republicans how to support the conservative Republican Party platform–not showing them how to flip a coin on whether to vote with or against Republican principles.

What’s more, America is in a very bad place, wounded deeply by the infusion of liberal poison of seven years of the most radical Leftist ever to sit in the White House, and many years of slower liberal poison before that. We don’t have time for screwing around, or for half measures. We need to restore America to the principles that made her great in the first place.

I’m not seeing Senator Thune working very hard at that. If I saw a doctor not working very hard to cure an ailing loved one, I’d get rid of that doctor for one who will work hard.  America is very sick, and I love her very much.

As I’ve been telling RINOs who don’t want to be called RINOs for years, if you don’t want to be called something, don’t BE that something.

Words mean things, and if you don’t act like a conservative, don’t expect to be called a conservative.

If you act like a liberal, expect to be called a liberal.

If you act like a RINO, expect to be called a RINO.

And if you run with the establishment and behave like the establishment, expect to be called “establishment.”

If you don’t like it, there’s an easy way to fix it.  Don’t do those things anymore. Behave in a manner consistent with how you want to be viewed by honest people.



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