Alabama Judge Roy Moore Stands on Law

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Roy_Moore_homosexual_protestMONTGOMERY, Ala., Jan. 13, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — On Tuesday, around 150 LGBT activists, pro-abortion activists, atheists, and humanists united their voices to demand removal of Chief Justice Roy Moore at the Alabama Supreme Court. They loudly chanted “No Moore” as eight speakers repeatedly mocked God, God’s institution of marriage, the rule of law, and one of the only few men who is standing up for all three – Chief Justice Roy Moore.

Across the street, a hundred Christians gathered to pray for God’s mercy on the nation. An hour later, several dozen gathered for a press conference on the stairs of the Alabama Supreme Court.

Addressing the “Remove Roy Moore” rally, Tom Ford, Montgomery pastor and spokesperson for Sanctity of Marriage Alabama said, “There’s a rally going on today about removing Roy Moore and all I keep hearing them talk about is Roy Moore – his opinion, him trying to impose his religion on others. But, if you read what [his] Order actually said, he only brought attention to what the written law says. It’s not about my opinion, Judge Moore’s opinion, or anyone else’s opinion,” Tom said.

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Alabama Public Service Commissioner, Chip Beeker voiced his approval for Chief Justice Moore: “We are a nation of laws…and [our laws] still recognize marriage as a union by God between one man and one woman… I thank Roy Moore for stating the facts correctly.”

Bishop Fred Adetunji, of Montgomery’s Fresh Anointing House of Worship added his support and gratitude for Chief Justice Moore and, reminded the press that America is still a “nation under God.”

On behalf of Eunie Smith and Eagle Forum of Alabama, Hannah Ford said that, “Adherence to the Supremacy Clause compels us to challenge any opinion from the Supreme Court that is not in line with the Constitution.” She noted that Eagle Forum joins scores of other legal scholars across the nation in declaring Obergefell v. Hodges as one such unconstitutional opinion and encouraged state officials to join them.

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Dean Young, long-time supporter of Chief Justice Moore and candidate for Alabama’s First Congressional District applauded Moore for standing for the people of Alabama and for the Constitution of the United States. Young reminded the press that, “All Judge Moore is doing is upholding the laws of Alabama.” After explaining that an opinion from the Supreme Court is legally binding only on the parties to the case (four states) and that, since Obergefell, two federal district courts have affirmed that Obergefell was not valid in their districts, Young said that “all of these same-sex marriages that are taking place [here in in Alabama] are not allowed and any that have been performed are null and void.”

Colonel Glenn Frazier, veteran of the Bataan Death March briefly recalled his time in WWII before commenting that the issue America faces now is an issue of whether we will follow the Bible or not. He said, “I stand behind Judge Moore 100%. I don’t think anyone else could do any better….He’s one of the best men we’ve had in office.”

Dean Young voiced one of the main requests Alabama voters have for the Alabama Supreme Court saying, “My appeal to the other eight justices: please do what you are hired to do and rule. They need to do their duty and I want to remind them of one thing: they were elected. They need to remember that 81% of the people in Alabama are for marriage between one man and one woman.”

Tom Ford noted that, “There is a reason Alabamians re-elected Chief Justice Moore.” Ford ultimately reminded the press that God is the Supreme Judge. “It’s about God and what God’s Word says. God is the one that instituted government. God is the one that instituted marriage. [We will all answer to Him.]”


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  • Thisoldspouse

    Sorry, Marxists. Chief Justice Moore was ELECTED by fellow Alabamians, who agree with him. If you don’t like it, move to a Marxist sewer like New York or Taxachusetts.