Moral Desensitization: The Catalyst for Godless Transformation?


“Death is not a fictional television series. It is not a popular gaming topic. It is the entryway into either eternal life or eternal death.” ~ Franklin Graham

If what passes for art and entertainment is a true reflection of where we are as a culture, is it a wonder the times are becoming so bleak? Regrettably, the graphic content that often captures our attention speaks to us on a very primal and depraved level. It doesn’t take much to stir up our sinful sensibilities, and the market for the perverse is greater than ever.

I’m all for freedom of expression, but are we as a people truly counting the cost? The young and impressionable are in our midst and their access to some truly questionable and disturbing material is usually just a click away. As the boundaries fade, our safeguards and protections must increase. When the latest video game release features a level of vulgarity that rivals what is encountered at the local tavern, we’ve gone beyond the pale.

Ted Cruz 2016


The more we feed our hearts and minds with the evil inventions of fallen mankind, the further we are led away from the fount of righteousness. How can we withstand lectures from the political pulpit when a blind eye is turned from these realities. What good is an outward political goodwill gesture, when inside our hearts have turned so cold?

“There is a human characteristic which seems like peace, but it is downright sinful (carelessness), or pathological (apathy). What it amounts to is a denial of responsibility for what is going on in the world… The Gentiles of his day were “past feeling,” says Paul. Sin had eroded their moral sense so that nothing alarmed them any longer. Such apathy was a sign of degeneracy, no matter how much it might appear outwardly as peaceful.” ~ John W. Sanderson

The sounds and images depicting rape, murder, rebellion, atrocity, misery, debauchery, and the like, increasingly abound. Programming that was once considered safe has now become suspect. Even Disney has subtly gone demonic, at least when viewed through a critically Christian lens. Today’s PG-13 feels like yesterday’s R Rating.

Woodrow Wilcox


The internet is become a tangled web full of seductive snares and spiritual traps. Innocence has been sacrificed at the progressive altar of the occult elite. Their devilish distractions will lead us astray.

May we seek wisdom and refuge in faithful fellowship, and may the word of truth be our preserving insulation and loving protection.

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