Senator Rounds Confronted With His Liberal Record

Rounds_20160108U.S. Senator Mike Rounds (RINO-SD) had the gall to show his face in Rapid City yesterday, and as KOTA put it, got an earful from taxpayers fed up after only one year with his liberal voting record.

From KOTA:

The large, and at times, hostile crowd grilled senator rounds about several of his recent votes, as well as changes they’d like to see in Washington.

A number of topics discussed included country of origin labeling, climate change, funding of Planned Parenthood and the tax code.

One hot button topic that drew considerable interest was his vote last month on the $1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus Bill, which rounds says he struggled to support but ultimately voted for.

I knew when I heard he was going to have a “coffee and conversation” meeting in Rapid City that this worthless RINO either had a lot of brass, or a lot of oblivious arrogance (and based on everything I’ve observed from Mike Rounds in nearly 15 years, it’s almost certainly the latter) to show his face in his home state after his pathetic voting record in his first year in the U.S. Senate. It was rather the same thing I thought when I saw the RINO establishment touting Mike Rounds’ first year on their Facebook page…only to have reality intrude from several of us Republicans who have been watching his votes.

Of course, some of us knew even before the worthless slug bought the election with the help of millions of dollars from the RINO establishment and “conservative” organizations whoring themselves out just to get a “Republican” in the seat that his voting record would be pathetic.  How did we know?  His record as a state legislator had been pathetic, and his record as a governor had been even more pathetic.

When will some people learn: when a politician behaves like a liberal in one office, they’re going to behave like a liberal if you elect them to another office.

And Mike Rounds’ record has once again proven this to be accurate.  We really could have done about as well by sending a Democrat to Washington to “represent” (aka “fleece”) us.

The people of South Dakota have been duped into sending a worthless RINO with a voting record akin to a Democrat voting record to Washington D.C. He fits in perfectly fine in a corrupt, self-centered place like that. Maybe he should just stay in Washington D.C. and not come back to South Dakota at all.
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