South Dakota Sees Huge Increase in Concealed Carry Permits

Phil Jensen


Shantel_Krebs_20160105_concealed_carry_permitsPierre, SD – Today, South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs announced that South Dakota has seen a large increase in conceal carry weapon permits for 2015. “In the month of December alone we have seen the number of permits issued double from 1,423 in 2014 to 2,968 in 2015. Our office expects this trend to continue while there are national security concerns and as long as restrictions to the Second Amendment are a top issue at the federal level,” stated Secretary Krebs.

Total Active Permits

12/31/2015 – 85,273

Rick Kriebel 2016


Total New and Renewal Regular Permits Issued on a Yearly Basis since 2006:

2015 – 22,554

2014 – 18,656

Woodrow Wilcox


2013 – 26,863

2012 – 17,160

2011 – 15,332

2010 – 14,839

2009 – 16,095

2008 – 13,838

2007 – 11,533

2006 – 11,763

Total New Enhanced Permits Issued

2015 – 36

Total number of new and renew permits for the month of December for the previous 5 years:

December 2011:   1204

December 2012:   1014

December 2013:   997

December 2014:   1423

December 2015:   2968

The South Dakota Secretary of State’s office issues the permits once they are approved by the County Sheriff in which the permit holder resides.

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  • Hmm, I wonder if President Obama’s “pen and phone” method of legislation with regard to Second Amendment rights, or Obama’s insistence on importi../../../../2016/01/05/south-dakota-sees-increase-concealed-carry-permits-41758/ng___8220.css;refugees” from Syria, and South Dakota RINO Governor Dennis Daugaard’s reticence to lift a finger to oppose Obama, had anything to do about it?