Note to Black People – How to NOT Get Shot by the Police

Phil Jensen


Kentucky_mall_fight100% of black people who weren’t acting like a thug today did NOT get shot by the police.

100% of black people who live according to the accepted standards of behavior developed by every human society known to man – you know, don’t beat people up, or physically intimidate them; don’t steal from them; don’t threaten them with violence; don’t ignore the basic, accepted rules of society like showing respect for the rights of others, etc. – never get shot by the police.  100% of black people who believe that other people – not just themselves – have just as many rights as they do, and live accordingly…did not get shot by the police today.

But those like the 1,000 or so “unruly teens” in that Kentucky mall Saturday night, or like Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, or Freddie Gray in Baltimore, or LaQuan McDonald in Chicago, et al, don’t believe they’re required to follow those behavioral standards.

Rick Kriebel 2016


No, they believe it’s their “right” to act anyway they please, no matter how it interferes with others peoples rights to live peaceably, and not hear vile or filthy talk, or be intimidated by aggressive or even violent behavior.  Those are the ones who, sooner or later, run the risk of being shot by the police, or by another citizen.

This ain’t rocket science, people.  The media, shameless Leftist, mushyheaded partisans that they are, harp constantly about the police shooting “young black men,” but never focus on the actual cause of the shooting: what those black men were doing when they got shot!  That’s missing the whole point, isn’t it?  Because many more black people did NOT get shot today than did get shot…and it’s because they weren’t acting like thugs and punks.

To paraphrase a well-known cliché – “It’s your behavior, Stupid!” that’s getting you shot!  You don’t want shot by the police?  Try behaving yourself, instead of acting like a punk.



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