Conservative Wannabes Snipe at Conservative Cruz

herding_catsThere is a movement afoot amongst the jealous and the not-so-conservative to try to convince people that 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz isn’t really as conservative as his record proves.

Hot Air, National Review and others are reporting that people connected with pro-amnesty Marco Rubio, “pro-life liberal” Mike Huckabee and “conservatives’ last hope in 2012” Rick Santorum are trying to convince voters Ted Cruz doesn’t really support socially conservative positions.  You see, Cruz won’t walk blindly into media ambushes like conservatives are supposed to, so that means his unmatched record (not rhetoric, but record) of defending across-the-board conservatism can’t be relied on.

Uh huh.

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But the latest news about heavy-hitting support from social conservatives quickly reveals this for the RINO bunk it is.

From Baptist News:

A Southern Baptist Convention official gave positive reviews to a private gathering of roughly 300 pastors and faith leaders aimed at consolidating religious conservatives to support Sen. Ted Cruz in the upcoming Republican presidential primaries.

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Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, described remarks by Cruz to the two-day gathering at the Cisco, Texas, ranch of fracking billionaire Farris Wilks as “frankly, the finest presentation I ever heard from a candidate.”

I personally know some of the people at this meeting, have met others, and am very familiar with the work of a lot of the rest. It’s not that surprising that a group of Southern Baptists (one of the most conservative Christian denominations in the country) would give close consideration and high marks to the most reliably conservative candidate in the 2016 presidential race.

Knowing conservatives as I do, the only thing that might be surprising about this story is that conservatives might have actually gotten their act together this early in the game.  Perhaps there is hope that conservatives can finally learn from their mistakes.  More from the article:

Convinced that Republicans lost in 2008 and 2012 because the moderates nominated by the Republican Party failed to galvanize the conservative base, Religious Right leaders voted five times before Cruz received the supermajority of votes needed to become the consensus candidate.

I was there at some of those key meetings of conservatives in 2008 and 2012 where we attempted to coalesce around the most conservative candidate.  While virtually all the attenders meant well, there was a huge amount of obstinate naivete about some candidates who weren’t really as conservative as they claimed to be (can you say “Mike Huckabee” and “Newt Gingrich“?).  In the past, conservatives have always gotten engaged too little, too late, and even then, with little real unity.

Maybe conservatives have finally gotten tired of letting others set the agenda for us, and tired of losing. Maybe we’ve finally gotten tired of allowing ourselves to be misled and whoring ourselves out for a candidate who “can win.”  Maybe the complete betrayal of conservative’s support last year by this year’s “Republican” congress has finally taught us a lesson.

It’s about time.  Our failure to be “wise as serpents” as we are instructed has resulted in an advanced state of decay for this once-great nation.

Hopefully it’s not too late to unite around the best candidate this nation has seen since Ronald Reagan.  It’s going to take a dedicated, determined conservative who’s sharp as a tack to undo the damage done by eight years of “fundamental transformation” by the Marxist Barack Obama, the years of damage done by RINOs before that, and still more liberals for years before that.

Time to avert the demise of what the founders created some 200 years ago has grown very short. Thankfully, if anyone can lead a reversal of that downward spiral, we have one such candidate in the race today, and his name is Ted Cruz.

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