From Lesbian to New Life

Emily_SatterfieldEmily Satterfield doesn’t exist, at least according to homosexual activists.

You see, Emily used to be a homosexual, but now she does not behave that way. Homosexual activists don’t just want people to believe that homosexuals can’t change, most insist vociferously that people cannot stop behaving in a homosexual manner. They don’t want other people to change, because they don’t (yet) want to change, and they recognize that if other people stop behaving the way they are, then that exposes the lie that they “can’t change” or that they were “born that way.”

Imagine if someone were to insist that drunks, or drug addicts, or problem gamblers, or serial adulterers could not change, but were instead “born that way” and were doomed to live the rest of their lives enslaved to these self-destructive and immoral behaviors.

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Of course, you wouldn’t believe someone if they told you that about drunks, or drug addicts, or problem gamblers, or serial adulterers, would you? Why not? Because there has not been a concerted, widespread propaganda agenda to convince you otherwise like there has been concerning homosexual behavior.

Yet research has found that former homosexuals have a better recovery rate than former drunks and drug addicts.  That is especially enlightening for someone like me, who is a former drunk who has been dry for 23 years.

Changing one’s behavior from an immoral, self-destructive pattern to a healthy one isn’t easy.  It takes more than a mere casual desire to change; it requires a sincere determination to change, the support of others, and often needs professional help to get there. But change is possible.

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While people can change on their own, and people can change with professional help, the best way to find lasting and real change is to surrender one’s life to their Creator.  God designed human beings and knows how we were intended to function.  God wants to restore us to the healthy path he originally intended for human beings, before sin intervened. Asking God for help, surrendering your life and will to him, and allowing him to change you is the best way to change from a pattern of destruction to a pattern of life.

Emily Satterfield is proof that change is possible for homosexuals.  And there are many, many, many other former homosexuals who have proven that people can change.

Don’t allow others to keep you enslaved to a dangerous, self-destructive behavior that keeps you separated from your Creator and the eternal life of peace that your Creator always intended for you. Believe that you can change, then seek out the help you need to make that change happen.

Emily Satterfield – January 11, 2015 from FBC Texarkana on Vimeo.

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  • DCM7

    Ah, another one of those “nonexistent” people! Even in my own limited experience I’ve known a few!

    The usual excuses from the “deniers” are that any given “ex-gay” either (1) never really managed to change; or (2) never was truly “gay” to begin with. They especially like to point to cases where someone fell back into old ways, as if that “proves” that no one can actually leave those ways for good. Never mind that many have done so, and no excuses can change that.

    • Thisoldspouse

      Check out that reference I provided to you on another related article for more info on ex-“gays.” It’s interesting the depth that that resource goes into regarding the reasons that more ex-homosexuals are not more apparent. Ones who do go public about it essentially put a bull’s eye on their own backs as well as that of their families for the most caustic attacks imaginable - all for just determining for yourself how you will conduct yourself. That’s why I said earlier that for every ex-homosexual you hear about, there are probably hundreds which just want to go on with their lives and leave the sordid memories of their past lives behind.

      • DCM7

        “It’s interesting the depth that that resource goes into regarding the reasons that more ex-homosexuals are not more apparent.”

        I did see that, and it was quite eye-opening. Thanks.