SOS: Speaking of Seniors - More ObamaCare Costs

ObamaCare cashHere are two new items on the costs of Obamacare.

One of our clients, a retired firefighter who works part time now, reported to me that he will lose ninety percent of a benefit that he had before Obamacare took effect. His current employer was contributing five dollars per hour to his 401(K) plan. Because Obamacare forced the employer to pay higher premiums for insurance for employees (with some of the coverage unnecessary), the employer can now contribute only fifty cents per hour to our client’s 401(K) plan.

On December 9, 2015, I got a phone call from a client asking for help to get a 1095A form to file with her tax return. She never got one from the Obamacare government office. She needed it to file her tax return or she would be penalized by the I.R.S. for not having health insurance. I phoned her health insurance company and a representative told me to tell her to go to www. healthcare. gov and click the “find your form” area. But, if she had trouble finding her form, she would need to call the Obamacare exchange helpline at 800-318-2596. The client has several phone lines. She told me that it took over fifty minutes of waiting on hold to talk to someone on the government helpline. Talk about government inefficiency! Obamacare is costing a lot more than what the politicians claimed it would cost.

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