Donald Trump and Star Wars: Icons of a Desperate Culture

Star_Wars_TrumpAmerica needs a hero, and hordes of all ages will be inundating movie theatres this weekend in remembrance of heroes of a bygone era — Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and even the swashbuckling Han Solo.

With a President who makes the French seem aggressive in protecting their nation, and Republican congressional leadership that cowers in fear of him, it is no wonder that our nation turns to fantasy in search of truth, justice and the American way.

Every American who doesn’t live in a delusional commune of MSNBC binge watchers realizes that the world is spinning out of control, and it is politically incorrect to tell the truth about it.

Donald Trump breaks these rules.  Like him or not, agree with him or not, no one can deny that The Donald is the anti-politically correct master of social media. Trump stands firm in defiance of those who attempt to impose a new set of societal norms through speech shaming and every time he is attacked, he rises in the polls.

Macy’s Department Store attempted to intimidate Trump by dropping his clothing line, and The Donald moved up in the polls.

The PGA cancelled a golf tournament at one of Trump’s courses, and Trump laughed keeping their deposit and renting the course out to another group increasing his profit.

It is this kind of thumb in the eye of the purveyors of political correctness that has made the real estate mogul and reality TV star almost mythical in the eyes of his supporters.

But it is the precisely the failure of Republican leaders in Washington, D.C. to match their actions to their words that really makes voters look for a hero.

The debate over what to do with Middle Eastern “refugees” is one recent example.  In November, according to the Wall Street Journal, “House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said the U.S. should at least temporarily suspend its acceptance of Syrian refugees while officials determine if background checks for the program are rigorous enough to prevent terrorists from entering the country.”

Just this week, the same duo has now negotiated a federal government funding bill that doesn’t enforce the “pause” in the face of overwhelming evidence that the one of the San Bernardino Islamic terrorists was missed by a background check screening process — due to a deliberate blinding of our intelligence systems because of the Obama administration’s enforcing political correctness.  It would be hard to imagine a Department of Homeland Security under Donald Trump not allowing those charged with approving visas from countries teeming with jihadists not being allowed to look at the applicant’s social media sites, yet that is the system Obama has put in place that Republicans are giving virtual carte blanche by funding it — again.

In the face of an increasing realization that Obama’s national and domestic security team seem to have little interest in protecting Americans’ safety first, and instead push a fantasy land open immigration view that demonstrably puts our nation at risk, it isn’t hard to figure out why many voters are desperate for someone who will end this madness.

And while Trump is no Republican Captain America with views that are at times more in concert with Hillary Clinton than Ronald Reagan, it is his uncanny sense of what the public wants to hear that is the perfect counterpoint to the mealy mouthed GOP politicians who have ascended in D.C.

Over the next few nights, millions of Americans of all political stripes will venture to “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” to cheer on heroes who unabashedly fight for freedom against a repressive empire.  As a nation, we long for greatness in our leaders, we want to believe that we have a Skywalker-like leader at the helm so we can live our lives knowing that these big picture concerns are being handled.

In real life, Donald Trump unexpectedly plays this role to a “T” which explains the visceral support for the outsider that continues to confound the establishmentarians who are being rejected.

Enjoy the show and may the force be with you.

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