Education: What Children Should Know Upon Graduation

Phil Jensen


educationBy Mark the Freedom Poet

South Dakota has a Blue Ribbon Panel of supposed experts on education. They released their findings about the teachers and students of South Dakota. It has nothing to do with teaching the truth that will make the children of South Dakota the best God-fearing, Constitution-loving patriots, ready and willing to risk their lives for freedom.  We also must produce the best trained math, science, English reading and writing students on Earth.

It is all about more money for all the teachers of South Dakota whether they deserve it or not. Nothing about getting rid of the unconstitutional madness called Common Core or Commie Corruption or Obamination  Brainwashing.

Rick Kriebel 2016


By far, the most important goal of education should be curriculum of the highest standards in the world.  WE ARE AT WAR WITH EVIL ON EVERY SIDE AND OUR CHILDREN MUST KNOW AND HATE EVIL AND LOVE AND PROCLAIM TRUTH.

I welcome any South Dakota Citizens who loves God-given freedom to attend a meeting called CURRICULUM AND THE CONSTITUTION!

This meeting will be held at the south side Pizza Ranch just to the east of 5th Street near the new Wal-Mart in Rapid City. The meeting will be Saturday December 19th at 9am for coffee and introductions and sharing ideas for the best possible curriculum. From 9:30- 11:20 we will have presentation from me, Mark the Freedom Poet, South Dakota Sen. Phil Jensen, South Dakota Rep. Lynn DiSanto, South Dakota House Candidate Tim Goodwin and Rapid City School Board Member Kate Thomas.

Woodrow Wilcox


There will no charge for this meeting and everyone will receive great pocket size Constitutions that includes the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and the other 17 Amendments. Mark will have 2 of his books available for sale including 3-Fold Plan to Save America and To America with Love, a Song and a Sword. Please try to eat lunch at Pizza Ranch as they don’t charge me for the room and they open up early for us.

George Washington said, “There can be no more important species of education in a Republic than the Science of Government to properly equip the Future Guardians of Liberty.”



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