The Difference Between Left and Right

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Left_reality_human_naturePrager University has released several great videos today which provide a great education in the differences between the Left and the Right.

One of my favorites deals with a topic I’ve often dealt with in recent years: reality and the Left’s war on reality.  From the feminists who are angry at God for making them women, to the people who hate the fact that they were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth, to the people hate God because, for whatever reason, they want to behave like a sex that they are not, most people on the Left are angry at reality and are desperate to, well, not so much change it (while some things can be changed, the things they want to change can seldom be changed) as ignore it.

Another painful truth Leftists want to ignore is found in their beloved saying “War is not the answer.”  It’s not?  Wake up, turn your brain on, and look at history and reality!  War is often the ONLY answer, especially when dealing with evil people who want to subjugate or destroy you!

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At the heart of the difference between Left and Right is that while conservatives acknowledge the corruptness of human nature (it was at the heart of why the founders set up the American government as they did with its system of checks and balances and division of powers), liberals attempt to ignore that sin-nature and pretend that if you just put a person in a perfect environment, they’ll behave wonderfully (hint: again, history reveals the fallacy of this and other Leftist fantasies).

Another of those good videos examines the differences between Left and Right on government, and how big government should be.  The Left believes government should be unlimited in size and power, so it can do all the things that (they) believe should be done (ostensibly at someone else’s expense).  The Right understands that government needs to be limited (again, it’s at the heart of why the founders of America set up our government the way they did) because the people who make up government have a human nature that tends toward corruption, and the more power that is available, the more power these empowered and corrupt people can leverage aggressively against their fellow citizens. Unlimited governments also consume more of the productivity and property of the citizens–usually in a highly wasteful manner, on things that individuals and private groups could do much more efficiently and effectively themselves.

Liberals (the ones with a genuine, if misguided, desire to do good and not the true Leftists who knowingly support regressive Marxist goals) are also guided by feelings rather than facts. Rather than responding to issues with reasons, they respond emotionally. And to be sure, that emotional response is a MYOPIC one, because with just a little reason, it quickly becomes apparent that the feel-good aspect of most liberal policy positions only lasts for a brief moment before colliding with reality and bringing far more pain.

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This is true whether we’re dealing with issues such as the minimum wage, affirmative action, or national defense.

Conservatives and liberals also see the path to a better society in fundamentally different ways. Conservatives understand that individuals must have strong moral fiber in order to knit together a moral society. Leftists look to socially engineer society (ignoring the individual components of that society: the individual and his human nature).  The Left ignores the truth stated by Benjamin Franklin, that only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. That is because only a virtuous people are capable of the self-control necessary to have a free society. In the absence of moral restraint in the individual, you need more government to prevent anarchy…and more government means less freedom.

Then of course there is one on the way Left and Right judge America. While the Right recognizes that America has never been perfect but still has been the greatest force for good in history, the Left sees America is a major force (if not THE force) of evil in the world (primarily through the lens of anti-American Marxism).  The Left endlessly castigates America for its once-historic embrace of slavery (ignoring that the rest of the world has embraced slavery, usually for much longer), while the Right was responsible for the end of slavery in America, and recognizes that while it was a part of our nation’s founding and early years, it was something almost all of the founders recognized as incompatible with American principles–even slaveholders like Thomas Jefferson.

The proof is ultimately in the pudding. America has shed more of its own blood in the service of freedom for other nations than any nation in history.  And America has followed Judeo-Christian principles of morality and ethics more fully than any nation in history–and has (not coincidentally) turned out to be the most free, most successful and powerful nation in all of history.

Watch these videos, then go further to educate yourself about America’s history, and the fundamental nature of the conflict between Left and Right. Only by acknowledging reality and finding ways to overcome its negative aspects with realistic solutions can we have a more healthy society.

History has proven over and over and over and over that the Marxist humanism embraced by the Left is a sure-fire recipe for less freedom, more tyranny, and more suffering.

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  • DCM7

    In response to the “Making a Better Society” video:

    Part of the appeal of “liberal” thinking is that it lets people feel like they can change the world… without having to change anything about themselves.

    • Very true. It’s always more attractive to support some institution changing other people than it is to do the heavy lifting of examining your own heart, honestly confronting one’s own deficiencies, and leveraging the discipline to make change within yourself.