Protect the Citizens or the Terrorist?

visaBy Grant Carson

Last week, a terrorist couple slaughtered fourteen people and injured twenty-one others in San Bernardino, California. Shooter Tashfeen Malik, a Pakistani citizen and the wife of the other shooter Syed Farook, entered the United States with a K-1 visa which had an inaccurate address. Evidence shows that they both committed to “jihad” and “martyrdom” at least two years ago. Somehow our government didn’t discover this, and Malik was admitted into the U.S. and later given a green card.

In observation of these facts, the vetting and admission process for immigrants is obviously broken. The Preamble to the Constitution states that “this Constitution” was established to “provide for the common defence [sic].” This “common” defense is for the citizens. With the current hostile political climate of the world, and with ISIS declaring war on the U.S. in 2012, and with terrorists invading countries posing as refugees, is admitting any immigrants providing for the common defense? Since the vetting process has failed to identify terrorists who seek entry to the U.S., the government cannot be trusted to protect “We the People.”

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This November, Paris was devastated by terrorists waging jihad. At least one of these terrorists had posed as a refugee to enter France. That “refugee” was certainly not a “3-year-old orphan,” as Obama fallaciously labels the refugees. Had France refused to admit these immigrants into the country, many lives would have been saved. Is, then, the refusal of admittance for refugees, called “Islamophobia” by some, prejudice? Obviously it is not; the refusal would protect citizens from unidentifiable immigrants. If there is a surge of crime in a neighborhood, should people let strangers enter their house? No, the whole household would be endangered!

Additionally, “refugees” using false Greek passports have been caught traveling through the Caribbean, Central America, and the Mexico and U.S. border. The mass of refugees flooding into Europe is now migrating toward the U.S., and the government has agreed to admit many. These facts should arouse those blindly trusting the government for protection. How can these immigrants be properly distinguished as either terrorists or peaceful refugees if the government cannot identify terrorists with its “enhanced” process of vetting?

The problems in Europe from mass migration is nothing new to America, which has been flooded with illegal immigrants from Mexico and South America. For years, the southern border has been left open for millions of illegal aliens to invade the country to claim the benefits and privileges allotted by the Constitution to U.S. citizens alone. More than half of all immigrants to the U.S. are on welfare, paid by citizens’ taxes. The unconstitutional and thus illegal Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program, a part of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, states that it will determine people’s immigration status “so only those entitled to benefits receive them.” No illegal alien is entitled to any benefits of citizenship, yet somehow the government continues to endanger the citizens and give these benefits to illegal immigrants.

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A year ago in my community, two deputy sheriffs were murdered by an illegal alien. Crimes committed by illegals are certainly not rare, as thirty-seven percent of Federal sentences in fiscal year 2014 were for illegal immigrants, even though these illegals only account for about 3.5 percent of the population. By allowing illegal immigrants to flood into the country, the government is not “provid[ing] for the common defence [sic]” as the preamble to the Constitution states.

As clearly shown by the worldwide devastation inflicted by immigrants, allowing more into the U.S. would continue to endanger the people, U.S. citizens, and weaken the nation. Regardless of the extent of the vetting process, the government cannot determine which of the immigrants are terrorists. To solve this overwhelming issue and to protect U.S. citizens, America must temporarily halt all immigration until the borders are secured, current illegal residents are deported, and the visa system is corrected and enforced. When a boat is leaking, the holes must be fixed before the boat can take on more passengers, or the boat will sink! The government must follow the Constitution and protect its citizens, by whom its power is granted!

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Grant Carson is a 15 year old who is associated with the Institute on the Constitution.

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