Political Correctness: The Sacrifice

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hypothetical Question:  A school bus company has been told that it will accept buses from a source it has not been able to verify as safe and accountable.  The company wants to wait until it can check out the source and the buses prior to putting them into service. (The company was made aware that some buses from this particular source had, and may have, bombs hidden in them or have been tampered with in such a fashion as to cause a major crash.)  In spite of the warning and in spite of the fact that some buses from this very source had blown up and/or been involved in major crashes killing numerous children — the bus company was ordered to accept and utilize the buses immediately.

Concerned, the bus company tried to reach out to the district, to the public and to the parents with its concerns.  It said that while it would be willing to accept buses fully inspected and cleared — it felt it was not wise or safe to simply accept the buses and blindly put them in its fleet.  Why the urgency to include these potentially dangerous buses, they tried to ask?  After all, there were lives to be considered.

The bus company was lectured.  It was told that its fears put the children and public in danger (letting the bad guys win through fear) and that it was being unfair to the source.  After all, many sources had been given the opportunity to provide buses in the past.  It was, therefore, denying this source the same rights as everyone else.  The company was told, “That is not who we are as a district.”

People begin to take up the rally.   The company is accused of hate speech and fear mongering.  There are chants and articles saying “this is not who we are” and making the bus company look like an irrational bigot attacking an innocent source, who has been, and is being, unjustly persecuted.

Pretend you are a parent.

Pretend that you were told about the buses from this source that blew up and/or crashed killing numerous children.

Pretend that you are aware that the company received information that some of the buses potentially harbored hidden bombs and/or intentional mechanical defects so as to cause a major crash.

Pretend the district claimed that only buses that were cleared after intense investigation were allowed in the fleet.

Pretend that you learned — for a fact — a bus blew up a few days prior.  A bus that had been received from this particular source and had been investigated and cleared by the very same people, who investigated and cleared the buses going into this fleet.

Pretend that you are aware that the district ordered the bus company to immediately place the questionable buses into its fleet without the company being allowed to inspect or individually accept them.

Now, pretend that you are standing there at the bus stop with your child’s hand in yours.

Pretend that little one looks up at you and smiles.

Pretend you see the love and trust in those beautiful little eyes.

Pretend the bus pulls up and stops.  A bus that looks as though it might be one from the source.

Will you put that beautiful, trusting child on that bus?  Will you?


The important question is…

Would you sacrifice your child to prove you are politically correct, or would you, instead, demand that the district allow a full and complete inspection of all buses received from that source, as with all others, prior to any child stepping foot in them?

Note:  It isn’t fear mongering to investigate and inspect buses prior to use.  It’s called common sense.

Think about it.  Ponder it for awhile.  Apply it the world around you.

Go ahead.  It’s okay to think for yourself and not follow in lock-step to the tune of leaders, who don’t necessarily have your best interest at heart.

Go ahead.  Look into your child’s eyes and decide which is more important — the child you love — or the political correctness that could take that very child from you!

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