Hillary’s Attack Dog After Ted Cruz

no_whine_zone_signMany conservatives have come to realize in recent years that the Politico is what Rush Limbaugh has called the “go-to inside the Beltway publication for Republican establishment” to get their anti-conservative message out.

Couple that with the typical liberal bias in the “mainstream” media, and their article about David Brock going after Ted Cruz comes clearly into focus.

David Brock, a bigtime Hillary Clinton supporter, is gearing up to attack the man in the presidential race who provides the greatest contrast from the corrosive Leftist poison offered by the Democrat Party: Ted Cruz.

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From the article:

“The people who know Ted Cruz best despise him, including his former college roommate,” Brock said during a Q&A following a speech Friday at the City Club of Cleveland. “He’s raised money for groups that ran ads against his own fellow Republican senators. He single-handedly forced the government shutdown, which his own colleagues said was a suicide note.”

Brock outlined a general-election battle that would focus on social issues where he believes Cruz is “wildly out of touch with American voters.” He listed Cruz’s position on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, “personhood” legislation, and contraception. “Those are the kinds of issues that are going to be raised, and there’s an awful lot to talk about with Ted Cruz.”

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Sure, Cruz raising money to run ads against the gutless wonders who ran as conservatives and then betrayed the American people as liberals…that one’s really going to get people fired up…in support of Cruz. Of course, we know that a good Republican would never raise money to run ads against another Republican…the way RINO Thad Cochran did to smear Chris McDaniel as a faux “racist” in Mississippi…or lead people to believe anti-amnesty Republicans were some kind of racists the way Marco Rubio’s amnesty gang did. Oh no, only Ted Cruz would run ads against another Republican.

And yeah, that government shutdown was really a “suicide note” for the 2014 election, wasn’t it? (For Democrats, maybe.)

Sure, Cruz dragging the feckless GOP “leadership” to (almost) do what they’d campaigned on doing for four years (i.e. stop ObamaCare) and that the American people wanted them to do since before that socialist abomination was devised…yeah, that was a real disaster for the GOP.

And Brock’s other ideas of “chinks in the armor” of Cruz are about as good.

And banning counterfeit marriage (which over 40 states banned until judicial activists overruled the federal constitution, state constitutions and the will of the people), that one’s real unpopular too…with liberals who would never give Ted Cruz the time of day in a million years anyway.

Oh, and recognizing people who are genetically complete human beings from conception as “persons” is a real anchor around the ankle…for Democrats who have been denying the personhood of human beings they found inconvenient since Dred Scott.

And Ted Cruz’s complete lack of a problem with women buying their own contraception as they see fit–that’ll doom him for sure.

I’m sure Cruz is quaking in his boots over what his former college roomate thinks of him, too. Why, liberals always have glowing testimonies about solid conservatives…unless they’re Ted Cruz, right?  I’ve had some roommates in the barracks during my time in the Air Force with whom I didn’t get along and vice versa…sometimes to become good friends later on when we didn’t have to live with each other. From the description of his complaints about Cruz, it sounds like Craig Mazin may have been jealous of Ted’s success with the ladies (Cruz was described by some in college as “sort of a stud” with the ladies). And since Cruz was a debate champ, that may have only fueled Mazin’s envy. Also, considering that Cruz’s Jamaican college friend David Panton described Cruz as “consistent,” that wouldn’t win Cruz any points with a liberal (liberals thrive on inconsistency and mushiness). And the fact that some seem to marvel that Cruz could go through all those years of Ivy League education and still come out conservative…well, that means he’s “calcified” (decent people would consider that being commendably resistant to Leftist indoctrination). It’s a wonderful thing to be criticized and demonized by the right people (trust my experience on that one).

From what I’ve seen from this little whiner (darn that Ted for hitting the snooze button too much), he seems to be a typical Ivy League Leftist, and Leftists are notoriously disconnected from reality, as well as very prone to lie like bandits (it’s par for the course with their contempt for morality and objective truth). Sorry, libs; if you demonstrate contempt for reality and truth, don’t be surprised if no one listens when you cry wolf.

Keep on drinking your own Koolaid, Leftists. It’s hilarious to watch. Might I say, it’s even Hillary-ous.

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