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truthThis new video from GotNews comes one of the super PACs supporting Ted Cruz for president. If you haven’t read Ted Cruz’s book “A Time For Truth” or otherwise gotten to know the most conservative presidential candidate running in 2016, this is a good introduction.

It starts out with Ted’s father, Pastor Rafael Cruz, talking about growing up in Cuba and watching that country sink into Marxism. Like our current Marxist-in-Chief, Fidel Castro came to power talking of hope and change, only to declare war on liberty and oppress his own people.

Ted’s Aunt Sonia suffered under the heel of despotism in Cuba, but Rafael got out before he went through that much.

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Ted Cruz knows the poison of Marxism from his father and his aunt. Perhaps this, as well as growing up in America during the Reagan years, is a key part of what makes Cruz so passionate about liberty and the American way.

In the video, Rafael and Ted’s mother Eleanor talk about how they were not Christians as young adults, and the problems they both had with drinking before coming to Christ. They also talk about the difference the transforming power Jesus Christ has had in their lives since they surrendered their lives to Him. Any person who has truly given their will over to Christ understands this born-again transformation.

When Ted Cruz was a young man, he memorized the entire U.S. Constitution and was already a passionate advocate for the constitution even before he graduated high school. Cruz worked hard to pay his way to Princeton, and then on to Harvard.

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Before being elected to the U.S. Senate, Cruz was Solicitor General for Texas, Cruz is endorsed in the video by another former Texas Solicitor General James C. Ho.

As Kelly Shackelford, President of Liberty Institute, said, Cruz has argued more cases before the U.S. Supreme Court than anyone in Texas. As Solicitor General, Cruz stood for religious liberty, the right to keep and bear arms, and America’s Christian heritage successfully before the U.S. Supreme court.

Because of the solid record of fighting for conservative values, we don’t have to guess how Ted Cruz would lead as president. We don’t have to hope Ted Cruz would preside according to the traditional principles that made America the greatest nation in history. We know Ted Cruz will be a champion of American values in the White House because he has been that champion everywhere he has served before.

If freedom falls in America (as it is on the verge of doing), the world has nowhere else to turn. Let’s not give in to fear this time. Let’s not shrink back from going big. Let’s not compromise this election. Let’s do as Ronald Reagan called for, and raise not a banner of “pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people.”

Let’s get behind the best candidate on the field and elect Ted Cruz as president of the United States.



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