Is Obama the Democrats’ 2016 Albatross?

obama-marine-umbrellaIf you thought President Fore!’s pandering, patronizing Sunday lecture from the Oval Office was limp, you’re not alone. Obama’s non-responsive “response” on ISIS has even Democrats running for the tall grass, worrying about their prospects in 2016.

Reports The Hill:

“Weak and unclear,” Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf told The Hill, when asked for his reaction to Obama’s remarks. “What is the plan of action?”

Sheinkopf added that, at this point, “any rational person would worry about his legacy, and any rational Democrat would worry about the Democrats being injured in an electoral setting.”

This vulnerability is all the more frustrating to Democrats because at one point during Obama’s presidency — the period immediately following the operation that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011 — they believed that the party’s traditional disadvantage on issues of national security had been erased.

Democrats’ “traditional disadvantage on national security erased” in 2011? Really? In whose alternate universe does that work? ‘Cause doggone if the rest of the world hasn’t cooperated with Democrat talking points on the matter.

Double doggone if all that Obama grand-standing about keeping the world safe for truth, justice, and the American way after taking out Osama bin Laden hasn’t quite played out the way Democrats thought it would.

In other words: The Emperor has no clothes. Duh.

Imagine: Democrats worried that the Party of Debt, Dependency and Detroit will also go down in history as the Do-Nothing Party on national security. Also known as, “The JayVee Team.”

But what else is new? Maybe if Dems could figure out a way to tax “national security”? Doubtless they’d be on it in a heartbeat.

Clearly, the Romper Room Era needs to end. The sooner, the better. It’s way past time for some grown-ups to step up to the plate. That leaves out Ms. What Difference Does It Make? and Mr. Feel the Bern and the rest of the blue side of the aisle, doesn’t it?

I see those hands.

H/T: The Hill

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  1. DCM7 says:

    “‘Cause doggone if the rest of the world hasn’t cooperated with Democrat talking points on the matter.”

    You might want to watch how you express things. “Doggone if it hasn’t happened” actually means “it has definitely happened.” So the above quote actually comes out to “The rest of the world has definitely cooperated with Democrat talking points,” instead of the opposite as apparently intended! (Same for the subsequent “double doggone”.)