RINO Heart Attacks and Slit Wrists Over Ted Cruz

Cruz_Iowa_pollYou know it. With Ted Cruz now in the lead in Iowa, the gutless RINO sellouts nationwide are no doubt apoplectic at the thought that a real Republican could win the presidency next year.

Donald Trump was bad enough for establishment “Republicans” to stomach.  He isn’t an official member of the political class, the elites who consider the great unwashed to exist only to give them a platform to show their leadership and greatness. But at least Trump isn’t one of those icky social conservatives, nor is he, with his changing all-over-the-map stances, a real conservative.
Ted Cruz , on the other hand, is the real deal. He’s one of the most conservative senators in the U.S. Senate, and the most reliably conservative presidential candidate running.

And that scares the pee right out of the feckless pretenders infesting the Republican Party.

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Or as Rush Limbaugh put it today,

Ted Cruz, of all these Republicans, winning Iowa? I’m telling you, there are gonna be heart attacks and slit wrists in the Republican establishment and in the media.

It would be bad enough if Trump wins, but Cruz in their minds is just as bad, if not worse. Because Cruz is a conservative. Trump, in their minds, is just a pretender fraud maniac. They can deal with that. But Cruz is a conservative, and that they literally fear like Dracula fears the cross.

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If there’s one thing RINOs fear and loathe more than anything, it’s a genuine conservative. Genuine conservatives stand for all the things that the liberal pretenders infesting the Republican Party hate, and genuine conservatives make the gutless ones look bad–the ones who know what is right and generally believe in what is right, but who lack the courage to stand against the Left.

A lot of people, including more than a few conservatives, have been cheering on Trump because, unlike the gutless excuses for Republicans who are running the party right now, Trump isn’t afraid to say what he thinks–say what most common sense Americans are thinking.  Sadly, it doesn’t matter to many of them that Trump has changed his tune on a lot of things recently; they’re just ecstatic to finally hear someone with an “R” after their name say some of the things that ought to be said by the people running the Republican Party.

But hopefully this indicates many people are finally getting serious about moving beyond the rhetoric and looking at the records, and seeing that Ted Cruz can be relied on to promote the principles that made America the greatest nation in history.

Unlike Donald Trump, we don’t have to guess what he’d do.

Unlike a mixed bag like Marco Rubio, we don’t have to worry about Ted Cruz shoving amnesty down our throats or telling us we must capitulate to Leftist tyranny.

Unlike frauds like Jeb Bush, we wouldn’t have to count on him leading differently (i.e. conservatively) than he has already proven with his record (liberally).

Ted Cruz has already fought not only the Leftists in the Democrat Party, but the liberals and sellouts in the Republican Party.

Ted Cruz is the one person in the presidential race this year with the record, the grasp of the principles, and the determination to get this great nation back on track before it’s too late.

Perhaps America is finally waking up to the fact that we have a historic opportunity to elect the next “Ronald Reagan” and bring about an American renaissance.

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