What You Didn’t Know About Clock Boy

Phil Jensen


Ahmed_MohammedYou’ve probably heard about Ahmed Mohamed, the boy in Irving Texas who in September took what was purported to be a homemade clock to school, and those evil white racists at the school naturally assumed that since he was dark-skinned and Muslim that his innocent science project had to be a bomb, and had him arrested due to some racial profiling.

As is usually the case when it comes to the “mainstream” media and our Leftist government, there were just a few details about the story that your betters (you know, the elitists in our culture who know better than you, who know how you should live your life, and who know what you need to know better than you know what you need to know) that were left out of the public narrative.

But thanks to ever-vigilant Bill Whittle, those missing pieces of the puzzle are now available for your learning pleasure.

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Among the unimportant tidbits of information about this story that you almost certainly did not hear from the “mainstream” media or our president:

  • Mohamed didn’t build a “homemade clock” but took apart a clock
  • Mohamed didn’t bring the “homemade clock” to school for science fair along with the science projects of other children, but on his own
  • When his science teacher saw it, he advised Mohamed to keep the “homemade clock” in his backpack, lest people see this improvised electronic contraption and think (like the “poptart gun” one kid made a few years ago, or the NRA t-shirt that got another kid suspended) that it violated the modern education establishment’s “zero tolerance” policy toward anything that might remotely be construed as even tenuously connected to the thought of possible aggression or violence
  • Mohamed didn’t follow this science teacher’s advice, but instead pulled it out again later in English class, where the teacher took it from him and reported it to the principle
  • According to law, the incident had to be reported to police and a determination made that the improvised device was not, in fact, a bomb
  • Mohamed claimed he had to leave the United States because of all the racism and intolerance here and went to the ultra-modern, technologically-advanced enlightened civil rights mecca of Qatar
  • Mohamed now says he wants to leave the utopia of Qatar and return to the dark and evil land of America because he’s “homesick

Just a few things you might want to consider when you ponder this “Western guilt” narrative spun by the Left.



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  • LInda J Johnson

    Yeah lots of issues here with this deal
    .America should never let these characters back in.

  • Thisoldspouse

    I’ve finally come to the conclusion that most of the “news” that is force fed to us is fake, either in the “facts” and omissions presented, or the SPINNING of the general facts. This case is no exception.

    It’s tragic that in the land of free press (not false press) we have to wait for those with the real data to come rescue us from the false pushers of propaganda.

  • franklinb23

    Clock boy’s family is also now suing the city of Irving, Texas for $15,000,000. I assume for the “trauma” he suffered. I really hope it’s thrown out as frivolous.

    • Thisoldspouse

      I think they’re suing the school district, aren’t they?

      $15,000,000 for doing what they’ve been told to do: “see something, say something.” There’s no winning with this crowd.