SOS: Speaking of Seniors - Medicare Needs a P.R.O.

repairsOn November 20, 2015, I wrote a letter to our congressman to ask for help for one of our clients. The client had a problem for which there was no clear cut solution under Medicare.

Many people believe that government can solve all our problems. I challenge that idea. In my experience, the people in government who write regulations and proposed laws are unable to think of every situation. That causes problems for us “common folk”. Flexibility to solve problems is important. Imposing volumes of laws and regulations on the common people accomplishes nothing but choking the creativity to resolve problems from our people and our nation.

In my letter to the congressman, I suggested that a “Problem Resolution Office” be established for Medicare. I believe that Medicaid could be improved with the same idea. Here is part of my letter to the congressman.

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If you can help us to find someone in Medicare to help enforce the rule against “double coverage”, that would be greatly appreciated. If there is no such office or officer, then I would suggest that federal law be amended to provide for such an ombudsman. A “PROBLEM RESOLUTION OFFICE” could enforce current policies and collect information on problems in the Medicare system and report such problems to Congress so that corrective legislation could be considered and passed. Congress does not have a “crystal ball” and is unable to foresee every possible problem with legislation. A “PROBLEM RESOLUTION OFFICE” would help to catch and correct problems in order to prevent harm to senior citizens in the Medicare system. Let me know if you would like my further input and assistance with promoting this idea.

Thank you for whatever help you can give our client.

Woodrow Wilcox


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The help that I gave this client was FREE OF CHARGE. This agency distinguishes itself by “going the extra mile” to help our clients avoid financial harm when something in the Medicare system goes wrong. Does your insurance agency give this high standard of service to its senior citizen clients? If not, why not?

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