Is Indoctrination the Highest Aspiration of College?



America has been experiencing a contrast in cultures that have been created by our institutions.

On one hand, we witness some college students protesting over whether Thomas Jefferson’s statue has a place on the college campus that he attended.

On the other, the men and women of our armed forces continually demonstrate a toughness and valor that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

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As college protesters complain about the need for safe spaces where they can be sheltered from the diversity of ideas that makes the world go round, our young men and women in the military put their lives in harm’s way to create safe spaces for people who otherwise would be physically destroyed for their beliefs.

One group riots over a justified police shooting as the net effect of the grievance and victim culture that has been nurtured, and the rapid response ability to spread misinformation fomented by the media. The other sees a leader face losing his career because he stopped a local Afghan police chief from raping a young boy.

The problems of Ferguson, William and Mary, the University of Missouri and elsewhere that our nation is witnessing is not about the millennials, a group that is often unfairly derided as being unfocused, lazy and entitled.

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Our volunteer military’s performance in high stakes, high stress environments proves that there is nothing wrong with young America.
The problem is one of training.

Liberal arts colleges no longer train young people to think critically about problems, but instead are encouraged to embrace a victim culture that blames the capitalist system and white males in particular as oppressors to be reviled. The attack on Jefferson’s statue at William and Mary — whose natural rights ethos in the Declaration of Independence of “all men are created equal” unquestionably inspired abolitionists a generation later — by a small group of students shows the massive holes in their education and the manipulation of their world view.

When the statue of a man who is emblematic of individual freedom is treated with the contempt that a statue of Vladimir Lenin received after the fall of the Soviet Union, then something is clearly wrong with the molding of these young people’s world view.

The next election will help determine whether the federal Department of Education will continue to push suicidal self-loathing through approved curricula, but this is not just a federal government problem, it is a state and local one.

Twenty four states have Republican Governors and state legislatures with two states — Alaska and Louisiana with very conservative Democrats either sitting or incoming to go with Republican legislatures. There is simply no excuse for these states with single party control to fail to address the destruction of the millennial mind by a university system dominated by far left ideologues determined to undermine America’s greatness.

America is witnessing the fruits of our current education system on campuses across the nation, it is time for conservative elected leaders to begin the process of pulling out the weeds that have overrun what was the greatest education system the world has known. It won’t be easy, but the future demands it.

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